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Mert Tanriverdi Signed With Team BDS!

Mert Tanriverdi, whom we know from the Turkish League of Legends esports scene, is now a manager in Team BDS. Tanriverdi, who started his career with the Galatasaray Esports team in 2016, worked as a manager there for about 6 months. Afterwards, he switched to the Victorious Ace, which was a short adventure, and started […]

A New Team Joins The VALORANT Esports Scene!

American company Kroenke Sports and Entertainment announced that they will be joining the VALORANT esports scene next year. The company was founded by Stan Kroenke, the owner of Arsenal club, one of the English Premier League teams. Recently, we have seen professional players and investors switch from CS:GO to VALORANT. Almost all major esports clubs […]

Team Gullit Partners With Samsung!

Team Gullit, the Netherlands-based FIFA academy, announced that it has partnered with Samsung, one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. As part of the deal, Samsung will be Team Gullit’s first jersey sponsor for FIFA 22. The team’s new jersey will officially go on sale on October 21. The Samsung brand will appear on players’ […]

FACEIT Partners With GUCCI!

FACEIT has managed to make a name with games such as CS:GO and League of legends. The organization, which hosts talented players, continues to develop its partnerships. This time, FACEIT and luxury clothing brand Gucci announced that they have signed a partnership agreement. The brand will support FACEIT’s competitive platforms. According to their statement, Gucci […]

Smaugs CS:GO Tournament Has Started!

The CS:GO tournament organized by Smaugs and TESL starts on October 15. The event has a total prize pool of ₺6000 ($650). In the Smaugs CS:GO Esports Tournament, which will be held on the FACEIT platform, the champion team will win ₺3000 ($325). The tournament is organized by the Turkish Electronic Sports League. 64 teams […]

00Nation Signed With Veteran Player fer!

Fer, a beloved and veteran player from the South America, was transferred to the rising star of Brazil, 00Nation. In this way, the old MIBR comes together again. The 00Nation team, which finished the IEM Fall 2021 tournament without a win, disappointed their fans. Despite the investments made, the team did not even receive a […]

KAFALAR Esports Parted Ways With 3 VALORANT Players!

KAFALAR Esports, founded by social media celebrities Atakan Özyurt, Bilal Hancı and Yasin Öztürk, broke up with 3 of its VALORANT team players. Orginization has aimed for the top positions since it was founded in the VALORANT Turkey region. The success of the team in the tournaments are as follows; VCT 2021: Turkey Stage 1 […]

Beşiktaş Esports Announces Its All-Female PUBG Mobile Team!

Pubg Mobile, one of the most played games in the world, attracts the attention of new esports club every day. Now, Beşiktaş Esports, one of the successful Turkish esports organizations, announced its all-female PUBG Mobile team. They announced the players of the team with a welcome message they shared on their social media accounts. The […]

Mousesports Changed Its Logo!

Mousesports, one of the oldest organizations in the esports world, has finally changed its logo after 20 years. The team has participated in more than 360 tournaments to date and achieved a lot of success in the international esports scenes. Aiming to reach a larger audience with their new logo, the team came up with […]

KRU Esports Announced Its Rocket League Team!

KRU Esports, owned by world-renowned South American player Sergio “Kun” Aguero, has formed a Rocket League team to compete in the 2021/2022 Rocket League championship. KRU Esports will be appearing in Rocket League scene for the first time. On October 14, KRU Esports officially announced its roster that will compete in 2021/2022. The players are […]

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