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General Manager of Etiget Esports is Muratcanko!

Etiget Esports have announced their new General Manager will be Muratcan “Muratcanko” Kocabıyıkoğlu. They’ve also announced their VALORANT team at the end of September. Moreover, we know him both from Turkey Esport Community and the PUBG world. As the Esport Times team, we wish him success in his new job. Above all, Etiget Esports will […]

Rise Esports Became the Champion of DOTA2 BitExen TESFED Turkey Cup!

Rise Esports became the champion at the end of a 4.5 hours long final in DOTA 2 BitExen TESFED Turkey Cup. The winner, Rise Esports, won 10,000 TL worth EXEN Coins. As a result of defeating their opponent TEAM MOO with the score 3-1, Rise Esports became the Dota 2 champion. The match broadcasted on […]

Sangal Esports Announced The Last 2 Players on Their Valorant Team!

Sangal Esports announced the last 2 player additions to their Valorant team on Twitter. The additions are İbrahim ‘lurzy0yo‘ Sandıkçı and Tolga ‘bacyx‘ Bacak. You can find the announcement here: Sangal Esports completed their Valorant team. Berk ‘Rip’ Tepe became the first player that Sangal Esports announced. As a result of him joining Sangal, Rip […]

CNed Announced His New Team!

cNed, one of the first players that comes into mind when we say Valorant in Turkey, had been without a team for a long time after his bad breakup with BBL Esports. Stating that he was in the middle of negotiations whenever asked, today he announced his new team. Announcing that he reached an agreement […]

Blaze Esports Is The Winner of Hepsiburada Hepsigamer ESA Esports PUBG Tournament!

Hepsiburada – Hepsigamer ESA Esports PUBG Tournament, with a prize pool of 30,000 TRY, has resulted. With Hepsiburada Hepsigamer as the main sponsor, Hepsiburada – Hepsigamer ESA Esports PUBG Tournament, which was coordinated by Turkey’s digital esport base platform Playdecent, has resulted today. Blaze Esports team became the champion in the grand final, where 32 […]

Broadcast Problem at PCS 3: MEA Region Playoffs!

While the regional playoffs are continuing for the PCS3 which was announced at August by the PUBG Corporation, a broadcast problem occurred in the MEA region, which Turkey is in. Even though the broadcasting rights of the tournament has been bought by eSports360, the crew forgot about the application and did not broadcast. Esport Clubs […]

Sangal Esports Announced the 3rd Player for Their VALORANT Team!

Sangal Esports Announced the 3rd Player for Their VALORANT Team! Sangal Esports, one of the most successful esport clubs in Turkey, is continuing to build their VALORANT team. Announcing Berk “Rip” Tepe and Muhammed “mini” Salman as their players in the previous weeks, Sangal announced their third player today.  bayAz is in the Sangal VALORANT […]

Oxygen Esports, is Waiting for a Response From BBL Esports!

Oxygen Esports has challenged BBL Esports! The VALORANT team, which has proven itself in Europe under the name Looking4org, challenged BBL Esports shortly after joining Oxygen Esports in recent weeks. These two teams played a show match which is called Best in the West Valorant Showdown, after a tweet from Team Liquid’s Twitter account targeting […]

Gamer Arena Has Received Second Investment with 3.5 Million Euros Valuation by Fenerbahçe’s Former Player Neustädter

Gemer Arena, which is an esports platform established with Turkish domestic enterprises, has received 3.5 million € investment from the former player of Fenerbahçe, Roman Neustädter. Founded by Hakan Baş, Bora Koçyiğit, Dorukhan Acar, Orkun Işıtmak, and Mustafa Tatlıcı and started to serve on March 15, 2020, Gamer Arena managed to receive an investment of […]

Tweet of President of TESFED Afsin Ozdemir Sparked Controversy

President of Turkish Esports Federation Alper Afşin Özdemir sat on an agenda because of his tweet. President of TESFED Alper Afşin Özdemir visited the camp where Hado National Team was held, he stated; “I have full faith that we will win our first medal in esports at the national team level in France“. But, the […]

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