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Get Ready for Action in eFootball™ Season 0!

Season 0: Ready for Action, the latest update to KONAMI’s flagship football game eFootball™, is available today. Season 0 gives football fans the chance to update some of their favourite teams’ uniforms and rosters for the upcoming campaign.

eFootball™ Mobile Hits 650 Million Downloads!

In February 2023, KONAMI announced that the mobile version of eFootball™ had reached 600 million downloads worldwide. Six months later, the game celebrates a brand new milestone of 650 million downloads!

A campaign full of bonuses, achievements, challenge events and more kicks off on the 3rd of August to celebrate this achievement:

  • A total of 450,000 GP, 150 coins, 3 chances to win Epic Chance Deals with login bonuses
  • Opportunity to earn 360,000 GP, 90,000 experience points and 200 extra coins from all campaign events
  • Possibility to win 300 coins on v.3.0.0 release by playing 50 games in total.

Whether you’re a veteran or a new user, there’s so much to try and win in eFootball™ throughout August and into a new year!

About eFootball™

eFootball™ is the rebranded version of KONAMI’s popular PES series. This change adds a new football game engine, gameplay enhancements and makes the game “free to play” on all compatible devices! eFootball™ is a constantly evolving platform that aims to maximise entertainment and accessibility for football fans worldwide.

Azra Sarı
Azra Sarı
sanat sepetle uğraşan bir oyuncu ^^


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