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Jahrein & Team Rekkitz Are Leaving Twitch!

One of the biggest Twitch streamers in Turkey, Ahmet “Jahrein” Sonuç and seven other streamers gathered under the roof of “Rekkitz” to announced that they would stop streaming on the platform. Jahrein and other Rekkitz members, one of the pioneers of the #TemizTwitch movement, explained why they left Twitch in the live stream they opened […]

Twitch Bit Scammers Attacked pqueen!

Twitch Bit scammers made a cyber attack on streamer Pelin “pqueen” Baynazoğlu. While pqueen was live streaming, scammers revealed her address and phone by sending Bits. pqueen, who is one of the streamers who support the #TemizTwitch tag on Twitter, has therefore become the target of scammers. Making a statement after this cyber attack, Pqueen […]

cNed’s Brother deNc Involved in Turkish Bit Scam Scandal?

Alihan “deNc” İpek, the brother of Acend VALORANT player Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek, got involved in the Turkish Twitch Bit Scam scandal. DeNc is one of the few players and many streamers that have allegedly been part of a money laundering scheme that was done through Twitch. Esports Talk content creator Jake Lucky made a […]

Twitch Bit Scam: Riot Games May Ban 300 Turkish Players!

Riot Games has started investigating the Twitch Bit Scam controversy. According to the latest news, Riot Games is preparing to ban 300 Turkish VALORANT players from its games. The allegation that Turkish esports players and streamers are laundering money on Twitch continues to grow day by day. Although there is still no response from Twitch […]

tecoNe Made a Statement About the Bit Scam Controversy!

Professional VALORANT player Gökay “tecoNe” Noğayer made a statement about the Twitch Bit Scam controversy. Playing for Beşiktaş Esports, tecoNe is among the esports players alleged to have been on the Bit Scam scheme. Moreover, Dilara Toprakci, the girlfriend of tecoNe, was another name on the list. The professional player, who shared a video on […]

Kendine Müzisyen Banned From Twitch Once Again!

Kemal Can Parlak AKA Kendine Müzisyen is once again banned on twitch. Famous Turkish streamer was also banned back in October 2020. The streamer was banned because he shared his Discord screen for a short time. He announced on his Twitter account that he was suspended because of nudity and sexuality. The ban was only […]

Bit Mania, Prime Memberships & Scams

I wrote this article because I did not want to just scribble something on this subject, which has occupied our last days and drew serious reactions from a certain group, and to pass it off with a TwitLonger. Editor’s note: The main subject in question here is the Twitch Bit Scam issue. What is a […]

BBL Esports Made an Announcement Regarding Twitch Bit Scam!

BigBossLayf (BBL) esports, which also has its own streamers on the list of people alleged to have been on the “Bit Scam” scheme, made an announcement. BBL stated that it has been aware of this situation for about 3 months and made the necessary evaluations. They left the final decision about streamers to Twitch. In […]

Turkish Streamers & Esports Players Involved In Twitch Bit Scam

A few weeks ago, a leak happened showing how much money some Twitch streamers earned. Among the names, 81 streamers had earned more than $1 million since August 2019. There were some Turkish streamers on that list. The interesting thing was that the leaks proved that some of the Turkish streamers and esports players were […]

Turkish Streamers Caught In Twitch Bit Scam!

The revenues of Twitch streamers, which were leaked in the past weeks, shocked the community. Streamers rejected the statistics, however, the official Twitch account later confirmed the leak. This caused a huge reaction in the Turkish community. Now, there is a new list that shows Turkish esports personalities that are suspected of being in a […]

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