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Call of Duty: Warzone July 21 Update and More!

On July 21 Warzone got a patch. With this patch, a lot of issues have been fixed. Furthermore, some bugs have been fixed too. Here is all news about the July 21 update of Warzone! This patch was a minor patch. Because of that, it doesn’t affect the game at all. This patches main concern […]

Kumiho Gaming Is Facing Injustice!

Kumiho Gaming had to face injustice in the COD: Warzone Zero Hour +1 tournament. Ferit Karakaya and Kumiho Gaming who represent Turkey announced the injustice in Twitter by using twitlonger. Esports has come a long way and developed as an industry in the last decade. Sadly, we see again today that professional tournament organizers, like PlayHera, […]

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