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SideQuest Announces League of Legends World Watch Parties with Exclusive Bubble Tea and Giveaways

After a successful series of watch parties in 2022, SideQuest is excited to announce the return of the Watch Parties, but this time for the upcoming Knockout Stage of the League of Legends World Championship! The watch parties will start on November 2nd, to coincide with the start of League of Legends Worlds 2023’s quarter final matches.

Anyone interested in coming to the SideQuest Watch Parties can sign up through the SideQuest Gamers Hub app, where members can access discounted Watch Party passes [also known as ‘special prices’]. Walk-ins on the day of the Watch Party are available, however, will not be eligible for the discounted prices and bundles. Please visit the app for more information, or alternatively contact your local SideQuest Gamers Hub location.

As part of the Watch Party events, SideQuest have created an exclusive drink as part of their Bubble Tea Menu, called the Summoners Cup, inspired by one of the most popular events in esports. The all-new and all-blue Pina Colada variation will be sold for half-price during the watch parties. A special Worlds Happy Hour drinks bundle will also be available during the watch parties.


Visitors can also expect a series of activations, giveaways and special surprises during the events. Including gifts from Riot Games!

Watch Parties will start at 8am every day, starting from November 2nd. Some stores will be open 24 hours and offer all-night activities leading up to the matches in the morning. All-nighters will take place at Charing Cross, Coventry and Elephant Park locations.

Details about the individual venues, opening times and specific offers is available through the SideQuest Gamers Hub website. 

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