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PROTALITY Season 6 Champion Sarvem Esports!

Sarvem Esports became the PUBG PROTALITY Season 6 champion. In the tournament where a total of 16 teams competed for 100,000 Turkish liras(TL), Sarvem Esports was the winner and won the ticket for PEC: Spring’s Upper Bracket stage, along with the 40,000 TL award with this championship.

PROTALITY Season 6 Prize Pool and Ranking Distribution:

  • #1 Sarvem Esports – 40.000 TL
  • #2 Howl Esports – 22.500 TL
  • #3 Stardust – 12.500 TL
  • #4 Orgless – 10.000 TL
  • #5 Add Farmers – 5.000 TL
  • #6 Digital Athletics – 4.000 TL
  • #7 Nevermind – 3.000 TL
  • #8 Deep Jungle Walk – 3.000 TL

The Howl Esports team took second place again in Season 6, on top of Season 5, re-entering the second position. Having spent 2 seasons with misfortunes, the team could not get ahead of Sarvem Esports, even though it seems more effective this season.


Along with PROTALITY Season 6 Champion Sarvem Esports, Howl Esports has won tickets to the PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring stage. While Sarvem will play directly on the Upper Bracket, Howl’s team will try to get out of the Lower Bracket. In the Upper Bracket stage of the tournament, FUT Esports, which successfully represented us in the PUBG arena, names such as BBL Esports and Digital Athletics are included. PEC Spring, the qualifying tournament, will start on March 9 with a total of 24 teams. Only 16 teams will win tickets to the main tournament of PEC Spring, while the other teams will lose their participation in the qualifiers.

LOCK//IN Sao Paulo Champion is FNATIC!

IESF Extends Partnership with FITGMR

Oyunları ve esporu seven turuncu biri.


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