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Kumiho Gaming Is Facing Injustice!

Kumiho Gaming had to face injustice in the COD: Warzone Zero Hour +1 tournament. Ferit Karakaya and Kumiho Gaming who represent Turkey announced the injustice in Twitter by using twitlonger.

The injustice we faced in the COD: Warzone Zero Hour +1 tournament.

Esports has come a long way and developed as an industry in the last decade. Sadly, we see again today that professional tournament organizers, like PlayHera, still continue to accuse us of using the “Reverse Boosting” method from the archaic era of esports.

Leijone, Aegis54, Czathu, and valuable streamer Ferit Karakaya who represent Turkey in the COD: Warzone Zero Hour +1 tournament, despite the team, manage to rise next step of the tournament with their qualified games technically, tournament organisators make the process slow, even they try to ignore their victory. Currently, we are trying to seek our rights. Ferit Karakaya and Turkey Gamify are showing us great support in our efforts. We thank you forever, and we will inform you about the developments related to the subject.

We will share the developments on the subject with you as soon as possible on our social media account, we are ready to do our best to move esports forward.


They Withdrew From The Tournament!

Kumiho Gaming team continued their objections as they stated in the twitlonger link. After they were done wrong, the situation became clear today. According to the statements made by Ferit Karakaya and Kumiho Gaming’s Twitter account in the past hours, Kumiho Gaming was cleared of the unfounded accusations, but although Kumiho is ahead, the organizer team wanted Kumiho Gaming to continue the tournament with 1-1 and play the tiebreak competition. However, as a result of events such as the opponent team’s desire to play in the tiebreak with the substitute, the organization accepted this and Kumiho Gaming was banned from playing training competition since yesterday, Kumiho Gaming decided not to play the tiebreak competition and to withdraw from the tournament.

We hope you will understand our decision not to continue any longer with this ridiculous tournament order and the decisions of referees away from esports. We thank you.

Ferit Karakaya

We think their fans will be understanding with their brave and proud actions. You can find Ferit Karakaya’s Twitter statement consisting of several tweets here.

Explanation about WARZONE ZERO HOUR +1

As the Esport Times team, we send our wishes to Ferit Karakaya and Kumiho Gaming because of the unfairness they had to face. We believe and know that; one day, Kumiho Gaming will achieve the success it deserves in the Warzone, and it will make us all proud. We wish Kumiho Gaming success in the further tournaments.

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