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Bunker Guide! Making Money From Bunkers In GTA Online

You can earn money in different ways when playing GTA Online. But, the most profitable ones are heists and businesses. Although you can only buy one Bunker, it’s much better than other properties. In this post, we will guide you about managing a Bunker, starting from what they are. Also, even though you think you know a lot about Bunkers, you can find some petty details about them.

What Is A Bunker?

Bunker is a business where you produce and sell especially military products. You can manufacture and sell various products in those underground structures, or you can make improvements to your military products (weapons, vehicles, etc.). Agent 14 will help you about managing the business when you buy one. He’ll make statements on missions and remind you about the status of your Bunker. You can also store vehicles from Warstock Cache & Carry within the Bunker.


Before we tell you how things work, let’s talk about the Bunkers in San Andreas.

The Locations of Bunkers

GTA Online gives players the option to buy Bunkers at eleven different locations in San Andreas. They have no differences in terms of building layout or profit. But the only difference is that they are in various places on the map, yet even this is a notably significant detail. So much so that you can tell which one is good and which one is bad by looking at their prices. Bunkers in the north, far from Los Santos are very cheap, while those close to the city are more expensive. So why it’s like this? Because selling to Los Santos when you’re making sales makes you 50% more profit. Also, you are bringing in most of the resources needed for the bunker’s operation from Los Santos.

To buy a bunker, you need to open the “Maze Bank Foreclosures” website from your phone in the game. We have marked 11 different Bunkers on the map and also mentioned the names and prices of all of them.

  1. Chumash Bunker – $1,165,000
  2. Farmhouse Bunker – $2,375,000
  3. Zancudo Bunker – $1,150,000
  4. Route 68 Bunker – $1,950,000
  5. Oilfields Bunker – $2,035,000
  6. Desert Bunker – $2,120,000
  7. Smoke Bunker – $2,203,000
  8. Thomson Bunker – $2,290,000
  9. Canyon Bunker – $1,450,000
  10. Grapeseed Bunker – $1,750,000
  11. Paleto Forest Bunker – $1,165,000

Which One Is The Best?

Honestly, there’s no way we’re going to say something like, “That Bunker is the best in the game because of that.”.  Besides the prices, as we said, the only difference is their locations. Of course, the difference means that one or more of them is better. As you can see, the Bunkers on the south side of the map are a little more expensive.

We can give you some advice on how to find the one that suits you. Try to buy a Bunker that is on the south side and close to the city. It will allow you to access many Bunker missions faster. Some players prefer Chumash Bunker because it is close to the highway. Of course, that’s a good option because it’s the southernmost one.  However, if you have to steal supplies from the middle of the map, it will take some time.

Without a shadow of a doubt, you should stay away from Paleto Forest Bunker. This Bunker, which has a bargain price, is on the northernmost of the map and attracts beginner players because of its cheapness. You can only understand that it’s wicked when you have to go to other ends of the map to complete a mission. You can usually complete sell missions in the given time, but even the easiest ones will cause unnecessary disturbance when you think about the long road.

Of course, the final decision is yours, buy the one that suits you most. If you don’t like the Bunker you buy after you get it, you can move to another one. And half of the money you pay while purchasing the Bunker you own will be deducted from the price of the Bunker that you will move.

Bunker Upgrades

You can upgrade or customize most of the businesses in the game. These are usually options for decoration purposes, or that will bring more profits. You can also customize Bunkers in many ways while purchasing them.

Bunker Style: Interior Decoration

In total, you have three different options for decoration. The first option has no improvements, and naturally, there is no charge. The second and third options make your workplace look more comfortable. At least it won’t look like a cave.

  • First Option: Free
  • Second Option: $215,000
  • Third Option: $290,000

Personal Quarter

This upgrade doesn’t matter that much, so you won’t feel its presence or absence. The personal quarter upgrade adds some furniture to a room inside of Bunker, such as a bed and a wardrobe. However, after buying a room, you can choose the location where you will be spawned as Bunker when you join a new lobby. If you have nothing else to do other than Bunker and are most interested in this business, getting a room can be a good option. And the price of the upgrade is $265,000.

Shooting Range

Thanks to the polygon located in Bunker, you can improve your aiming ability. Just like Ammu-Nations, these polygons have training grounds, where you complete various challenges and earn rewards. In total, there are three different tiers of challenges, and all of them have awards.

  • Tier 1: There is one target on the ground. Awards:
    • You will unlock the Metallic Gold and Metallic Platinum skins for your Mk II weapons, and they will cost $100,000.
    • You can take Grenades from the alcove inside Bunker.
  • Tier 2: There are two targets on the ground and ceiling. Awards:
    • The capacity of the weapons you can throw (such as bombs, C4) increases by five units.
    • You can take Grenade Launcher from the alcove inside Bunker.
  • Tier 3: There are three targets on the ground and ceiling. Awards:
    • You can take Rocket Launcher from the alcove inside Bunker.
    • You will unlock three hats, six t-shirts, three hoodies in the clothing stores.

The price of Shooting Range is a little pricey. The range with black targets costs $740,000, while the one with white targets costs $845,000.

Gun Locker

Every player has weapons in their inventory that they don’t use. With Gun Lockers available in some businesses, you can put weapons you don’t use here. But, buy it if you think it will be worth your $175,000.


The interior structure of the bunkers is enormous when compared to most businesses. That’s why there’s an upgrade to roam inside Bunker. If you want to drive around in golf carts, you have to pay $85,000. There are also golf carts that are cooler and cost $120,000.

Performance Upgrades

You can also buy upgrades from the laptop inside the Bunker apart from those upgrades. And these upgrades increase your overall income. The Staff Upgrade lets you have more workers in Bunker, and it costs $589,500. With the Equipment Upgrade, you manufacture faster and quality goods, which costs $1,150,000. If you have money, you should get these upgrades first.

There is also an upgrade for security.  Sometimes, NPCs will raid your businesses in the game. With a security upgrade for $351,000, you can reduce the likelihood of these raids.

How To Earn Money From Bunkers?

The core purpose of Bunkers is to manufacture a variety of goods by processing the supplies you obtain. You sell these goods to various places of San Andreas, but it’s not that easy. First, let’s talk about sourcing the supplies.

Supply Sourcing

In total, there are twelve types of supply sourcing missions. Most of them are, as you predicted, “Go to point A, get the supply, go back to Bunker.“. Of course, on the way back, NPCs will do their best to make your job harder, get ready for battle or just focus on your way.

You can store a total of 100 units of supplies and fill 20 units in each source mission. However, if filling them all sounds laborious to you, you can also take the easy way out. You can fill your supplies by paying $15,000 for each missing 20 units. So, you fill up your all-empty-supplies-bar for $75,000.

We can give some fine details about the supplies. The total consumption time of 100 units of supplies is 100 minutes in real-life time. If you buy all the performance upgrades, this time will increase to 140 minutes. Just because it will take more time doesn’t mean it’s not good. On the contrary, it means more production and more profit. So, it’s worth buying those performance upgrades.

Sit on your laptop in Bunker and become CEO/MC President. On the screen that appears, open the “Resupply” tab on the left. If you want, you can purchase all the missing resources with the option at the bottom. You’ll have to pay for them, but you won’t have to deal with the missions. Or you can choose to steal supplies. You won’t pay anything, but you have to do one of the twelve missions that we explained below.

Types of Missions

Altruist Cult


If you’re familiar with the single-player mode, you’re also familiar with Altruists. The most notable characteristic of these people living at the foot of Mount Chiliad is their cannibalism. They also carry guns with them all the time. You’ll have to go to one of their camps on this mission. Keep in mind that the Altruists in the camp have pistols and shotguns. Once you’ve killed them all, steal the supplies and return to your Bunker. They’ll keep chasing you in four waves along the way. You can either pull up and eliminate them wave by wave, or keep driving without paying a mind.

Possible camp locations:

  • Strawberry, South Los Santos – Under bridges next to Vanilla Unicorn
  • Altruist Camp, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  • Raton Canyon – North side of Cassidy Creek in the forest near Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

Cartel Hideout

On this mission, we are going to steal supplies from Madrazo Cartel. Of course, it wouldn’t be wise to steal supplies from the mafia, but this mission won’t be that hard. When the mission begins, you will have a shotgun with a flashlight if you don’t have it already. You’re going to one of these hideouts that could be in three different locations. You will steal the supplies and go back to the Bunker. They’ll also follow you in four waves along the way.

Possible hideout locations:

  • Rogers Salvage and Scrap, La Puerta
  • Abandoned Mine, Great Chaparral
  • Los Santos Transit Tunnels, Los Santos River


This mission may be a little challenging, but it sure is fun. Agent 14 will tell you the location of supplies. In these locations, supplies will appear inside the crates. It’s up to you to figure out which crate has the supplies. But of course, that’s not the only problem. Your enemies will be scoping the area, and if they catch you, things will get hot. That’s why it’s worth sneaking around and killing lone enemies. If your enemies are alerted, they will chase you in four waves, including a helicopter, along the way back. Besides that, there’s something else good about this mission. If you’re doing it with your friends, there’s a chance that you’ll find more supplies to steal in the area.

Possible locations:

  • SS Bulker Cargo Ship, Chupacabra Street, Elysian Island
  • Foreign Yacht, Paleto Bay
  • Dutch London Street, Banning

Helicopter Packages

Of all these missions, perhaps the most frustrating could be this mission. After launching the mission, Agent 14 tells you that helicopters are carrying the supplies. You have to destroy those helicopters to get them. Once this mission begins, you’ll have one Technical Aqua to use. But if you’re playing alone, it’s not going to do you any good. If you have a weaponized aircraft, use it instead of Technical Aqua. However, if you don’t have such a vehicle and have a friend with you, use Technical Aqua. One of the things that makes the vehicle different is that it’s not only weaponized, it’s also amphibious.

Possible locations:

  • El Gordo Lighthouse
  • North Calafia Way, Galilee
  • McKenzie Field, Grapeseed

Merryweather Convoy

In this mission, we will set up the private army, Merryweather, to steal the supplies we need. There are several ways to complete this mission. When the mission starts, go to the marked area on the map and make a plan to stop the convoy. You can either use Dozer to block the path or directly attack them with a powerful weapon, such as Rocket Launcher. First things first, destroy the helicopter, then take out the soldiers who are driving Insurgents. When you kill the driver of the Nightshark in the middle, you’ll see that the supplies are in Nightshark. Get in the vehicle and go back to your Bunker. On the way back, of course, Merryweather will chase you.

Possible locations:

  • Great Chapparal
  • Zancudo River
  • Signal Street, Elysian Island


As you can guess from the name, we will steal Railgun in this mission. And the people we’re going to steal are the kind of people who will trouble us again. If you have an armored vehicle, you can quickly complete this mission with it.

You need to steal Railgun from Merryweather or Humane Labs, so expect a clash of arms. Before stealing Railgun, kill all the enemies first because you can’t change your weapon when you obtain Railgun. Of course, the gun is good, but it takes some time to charge. On the way back, the enemies will chase you even in helicopters.

Possible locations:

  • Humane Labs and Research
  • Los Santos Naval Port

Rhino Tank


Sometimes your Bunker employees can make some very extraordinary requests from you. One of them is a tank, also known as Rhino. You will have to attack weaponry testing zones and drive the tank to your Bunker. However, if your Bunker is very far away, you can also take a Cargobob from the area. Get into the helicopter, attach the tank, and move it from the air.

Possible Rhino locations:

  • Paleto Bay Training Grounds, North Point, Paleto Bay
  • Murrieta Oil Field, Murrieta Heights
  • Fort Zancudo

Rival Competition

Once the mission begins, Agent 14 will ask you to steal supplies from a rival organization. When you go to the area marked on the map, you will see your enemies. You need to destroy both the enemies and their supplies. In the meantime, of course, you’ll be counterattacked.

Once you’ve taken out the enemies and their sources, you will see your supplies on the map. Get into Burrito and go to your Bunker. They’ll chase you in four waves on the way, and this time, they will come with the Kurumas. Kuruma is one of the vehicles that stands out for its durability in GTA Online, and it also has bulletproof glasses. So, you have to be very careful at this stage.

Possible organization locations:

  • Rancho – Los Santos Department of Water & Power
  • Vinewood Hills – Los Santos Department of Water & Power
  • Los Santos International Airport – Los Santos Department of Water & Power

Technical Custom


If you know the vehicles of GTA Online, you should have heard about Technical Custom. It’s a pickup-style car, but it has a minigun mounted on the back. In this mission, you need to bring this vehicle to your Bunker employees. So, they will use it as supply resources for manufacturing goods.

This mission is a little simpler than the others. You have to steal Technical Custom from The Lost MC or The Professionals. Go to the marked area, kill the enemies, take the vehicle, and go back to Bunker. They will chase you, again, in four waves. Also, get ready for the chopper attacks.

Possible Technical Custom locations:

  • Redwood Lights Track
  • Del Perro Beach
  • Buccaneer Way, Terminal

Truck Packages

Truck Packages mission is the grounded version of the Helicopter Packs mission. Also, they have a similar process. The location of the five trucks in San Andreas will appear on your map. You need to go to these trucks and blow them up. If the supply you’re after is in the truck that you blew up, it’s going to fall to the ground. Once you have it, you can go back to the Bunker. On your way, enemies with helicopters will be after you again.

Youga Classic


The supplies you need to steal will be in Youga Classic on this mission. Go to the location Agent 14 will show you and get into the vehicle. Once you’re in the car, there’ll be four different possibilities waiting for you. First, the cops are going to chase you at a 1-star level. You won’t have much trouble getting away with it, or you can call Lester. The second possibility is cartel members. They’ll chase you to Bunker in four waves with their Huntley S’s. The third possibility is The Lost club. These bikers will chase you in four waves again, but this time they’re going to come after you with Daemons. The fourth and the best thing is nothing will happen. In this option, there will be no cops nor enemies chasing you.

Possible Youga Classic locations:

  • Great Ocean Highway, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  • Alta Street, South Los Santos
  • RON Alternates Wind Farm
  • Union Road, San Chianski Mountain Range
  • El Burro Heights
  • Paleto Cove, Procopio Beach

Bonus Mission: Alien Egg

The Alien Egg is a special mission, and you have to meet a few conditions to play it. First, you need to complete other supplies missions at least 600 times in total. After that, you still have to do something to trigger the mission. You have to start a “steal supplies” mission between 21.00 and 23.00 in-game time. If you do that, you’ll increase the chances of the Alien Egg mission, so you might have to try it a few times. And completing this mission is the first step to getting a UFO tattoo. If you’ve done that, you still have to do something you can count on for your luck to get the tattoo. You have to go to a Nightclub between 01.00-04.00 in-game time on a stormy, rainy, or snowy day. Grab a Macbeth whiskey from the nightclub’s bar, and wish for waking up at Mount Chiliad.

On this mission, you must go to a UFO that has fallen near Fort Zancudo. As you get closer to the location, the game will get you out of your vehicle. On your way to the destination, you will encounter very unusual things on the way. After you get the egg, a few aliens will appear around you, but they won’t hurt you.

Below, you can watch the video of this mission, which is quite interesting and one of the rarest things in the game.

Manufacturing Goods

Your employees manufacture a variety of military products with the supplies you bring. Of course, it’s up to you to sell these goods. If you’ve never bought upgrades, you’ll produce a 1-unit product in 10 minutes. The worth of this unit is $5,000 in Blaine County and $7,500 in Los Santos. It also takes about 17 hours to fill the stock bar.

But if you’ve done all the performance upgrades, things will change in a good way. You will produce 1 unit of product in 7 minutes. You can sell this unit to Blaine County for $7,000 and Los Santos for $10,480. It takes less than 12 hours to fill your entire stock bar.

Also, to manufacturing goods, open the computer in Bunker and open the “Manage Staff” tab on the left. Select the first option to assign all your employees to produce goods. The bottom option allows for both production and development, but this would be a bit of a waste of time. Instead of doing both at the same time, select only one. Assign them all to production, especially if you want to make money.

Selling Goods

Bunker is a business you can manage on your own in general. But sometimes you may need friends. One of the best examples of this is the sell missions.

If your Bunker has 0-25 units of goods in the depot, your job will be easy. There will be only one vehicle involved in the sell mission, and you can handle it alone. However, if you have between 25-50 units of goods, multi-vehicle missions are more likely to come, and selling two vehicles alone in the given time can be a bit of a challenge. But if you have a Bunker in the south, you can do it on your own. If you have between 50-75 units of goods, there is a chance that you can have three vehicles to complete the mission, and it’s going to be hard to complete this on your own. When selling 75-100 units of products, you can also encounter four vehicles. If you’re playing the game alone, don’t save that much.

To start a sell mission, get on the laptop again. On the screen that appears, open the “Sell Stock” tab on the left. Don’t forget to always sell to Los Santos, because they will pay you %50 more. If you don’t have any performance upgrades, you’ll earn $7,500 per unit. If you have all upgrades, the price will be $10,480 per unit.

Types of Missions

Phantom Wedge

If you follow weekly discounts or know the vehicles, you should have heard about Phantom Wedge. You will enjoy using it on this sell mission. A Phantom Wedge will be waiting for you on this mission, which is quite fun. However, if you have too many products, this number will increase to two. The 0-25-50-75-100 units of goods rule we are talking about does not work for the Phantom Wedge task.

Phantom Wedge will appear next to you after launching the mission. You need to reach the destination shown on the map within 15 minutes. Three star-level cops will be chasing you down the road. Never stop, keep going, and blow up the vehicles on your way! As you get closer to your target area, the cops will disappear.

If you have Cargobob, you can also complete this mission with it. Remove the trailer from Phantom Wedge, attach it to Cargobob, and go to your destination with it.

Insurgent (Jammer)

The sell missions include several tasks that involve Insurgents. This mission has the Insurgent with jammer, which will appear alongside Bunker. The 25-50-75-100 unit rule applies to this task, which is likely to come when you have at least 25 units of goods. So you need to transport at least two Insurgents to the marked area. The mission will be pretty easy if you are playing with your friend, just stay close to each other and make the jammers work. As long as the jammers work, no enemy will chase you. Also, you have 15 minutes to complete this mission.

Insurgent Pick-Up Customs (Merryweather Raid)

This one, another Insurgent mission, is a bit challenging, but you can do it. Armored Insurgent Pick-Up Customs will appear next to your Bunker. In this task, the 0-25-50-75 unit product rule applies, which means that up to three pickups will have the goods to sell. You have to transport each pickup to five different locations. Once they all reach the same spot, the Merryweather soldiers will raid you. They’re going to come in one wave, and they’re going to get tougher at every location. In 30 minutes, you’ll have to do the delivery work and get through the raids.

Insurgent Pick-Up Customs

That one is the most straightforward sell mission. According to the units-of-goods rule, up to three pick-ups will be filled with products. You have to take each one to a different location. You have to take each one to various points. There will be no enemies nor the police on the road. But, if you see a police car, don’t go next to it. There’s a slight chance they’ll come after you at a one-star level when they see you. Also, you will have 15 minutes to complete the mission.

Dune FAV

You will only use one Dune FAV in this mission. The vehicle will have Proximity Mines, motion-sensitive bombs, so you will be able to place them on the road. You need to make a delivery to five different locations in 15 minutes. You should get out of the vehicle and get away from the area once you reach the fifth area to complete the mission.


One of the most frustrating sell missions is the one with the Marshall monster truck. You will need to make deliveries to five different locations on the hills of Los Santos in total. Agent 14 will provide you up to three Marshalls. Within 15 minutes, you will earn as much as you deliver. If you’re going to do it with lots of vehicles on your own, bring the first Marshall to the destination and then fetch the others. Once you’ve got them all close to the targets, make deliveries with each Marshall, respectively. From the first delivery to the last delivery, two helicopters will try to kill you. Don’t bother blowing up helicopters, just focus on your target.

Doing Researches In Bunker

You can also use the supplies you bring in Bunker to do research. You can assign your employees to research by selecting “Research” from the “Manage Staff” tab on the computer. Researches don’t really matter, it’s the choice of those who don’t have to worry about making money. You can add upgrades to various weapons or vehicles by doing researches.

On the “Research” tab on the computer, you can see the progression you reach by consuming the supplies you have. You can’t change the current research, but you can fully unlock the progress by paying for it. It is possible to complete the research by paying fees such as $225,000 if 0-20% of the research bar is full and $180,000 if 21-40% is full. So you have to pay $45,000 for every missing twenty percent.

That’s how Bunkers work in general. Like many businesses, Bunker makes money as much as you’re interested. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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