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The Sims Team Reacts To The Game Mod With Pedophilia Content

The Sims Team posted a statement about the game mod that has perverted and triggering content, including pedophilia and zoophilia.

Everyone familiar with The Sims series knows that game mods can add so much to your gameplay. Do you want to have a different career than those in the game? You can find every career you can imagine in mod forms. Do you want to upgrade your gameplay by making it more realistic? Probably, what you have in mind is already created by the mod developers. As a result of these benefits, the fans of the game (or the Simmers) use and support these mods. And of course, EA and The Sims Team often show their supports towards these creators that make the gaming experience even more memorable. However, just as in everything else, every good attempt has a disgusting side. This free creating space often leads up to the handling of some twisted issues.

In the previous days, a Twitter user posted a mod series.


This situation got fast reactions and petitions were created to taking an action towards the pedophiles in the Sims 4 modding community.

As seen in the post, these mods have really triggering and twisted content. The mod allows the Sims to experience underage sexual intercourse and zoophilia content.

The Sims Team made a statement about the situation quickly.

A lot of fans thanked The Sims Team for their quick action towards the situation. However, some users stated that the banning is not enough and official actions should be taken.

Another user shared her opinions on the mod, stating that the game mod is highly triggering, especially for those who experienced sexual assault.


There is no other statement made by The Sims Team about the mod and the developer yet. However, I hope that The Sims Team and EA will show their awareness by taking more satisfying actions.

Eylül Su Başıbüyük
Eylül Su Başıbüyük
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