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Interview With The Coach of Oxygen Esports

As of today, VCT Masters Turkey has started. fastPay Wildcats and Zero Zone came face to face during the first game. fastPay Wildcats won the game with a score of 2-0. Afterwards, we watched a Group A game between Oxygen Esports and RARE Esports. During the series, Oxygen overhauled their whole gameplay plan. Even though they struggled, they managed to win with a score of 2-1. Now, they will face against fastPay Wildcats.


After the match, the coach of Oxygen Esports’ Valorant team Deren ‘Cuaj‘ Ülgen answered some of our questions.

Bind was a map you were generally good at but you performed worse than expected. What was the reason for this? Did not getting a score bump from Toronto had any effect on this?

  • Actually, we started the match the way we wanted. Later, although we had micro advantages, we started to pursue macro advantages. After being a little too aggressive and unsuccessful, we lost communication. Toronto has also been affected by this. He is a critical player for us.

We saw a completely revamped Oxygen Esports after the defeat on the first map. You played more comfortably on the Ascent map, how did you reset mentally before moving on to the second map?

  • We are always working on different scenarios. Regarding this, we are always improving ourselves both tactically and mentally. We have our own special methods. Since there is a luck factor in the game, we are working to prevent this mentality. In addition, the most important thing we do is that we leave the 1st game completely while passing to the 2nd game. Whatever happens. This is one of our good habits.

We’ve watched a series that you were the favorite team, however, you still struggled. When will we see the real Oxygen Esports?

  • As you know, we made decisions that will affect our performances. With me joining the team, you are seeing a different Oxygen. We have been working for a while, but with this system, we had some struggles in the tournament. We’ve started to cover up our shortcomings, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t see the real Oxygen.

As esportimes.com, we wish success to the Oxygen Esports VALORANT team in the rest of the VCT Masters!


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