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Most Watched Turkish Twitch Channels 11.30-12.06.2020

Popular streaming platform Twitch has lots of Turkish viewers and streamers. With the information given by streamercharts.com, we created a list of the most-watched Turkish Twitch channels of this week.

1) RiotGamesTurkish

  • Riot Games Turkey’s Official Channel
  • Air time: 20,4 hours
  • Hours watched: 482 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 60.834 viewers
  • Twitch channel
twitch turkish

RiotGamesTurkish is Riot Games’ official account for Turkish viewers. This week, First Strike Turkey matches have been streamed from the channel and viewers showed great interest in matches, which resulted in RiotGamesTurkish being the most-watched channel of the week.

2) KendineMuzisyen

  • Kemal Can Parlak
  • Air time: 19,7 hours
  • Hours watched: 469 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 58.112 viewers
  • Twitch channel
twitch turkish

Kemal Can Parlak, a.k.a. KendineMuzisyen, is known for his own personality and funny conversations. He streamed in Just Chatting, Fortnite and NBA 2K21 categories mostly.

3) pqueen

  • Pelin Baynazoğlu
  • Air time: 29 hours
  • Hours watched: 292 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 15.472 viewers
  • Twitch channel
twitch turkish

Pqueen is the most popular female streamer of Turkey and one of the best female streamers in the world statistically. She gained her most stats by streaming in Just Chatting, Among Us, and Fortnite categories.

4) Elraenn

  • Tuğkan Gönültaş
  • Air time: 6,4 hours
  • Hours watched: 274 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 50.994 viewers
  • Twitch channel
twitch turkish

Elraenn has only streamed on Sunday this week. But his fans and followers didn’t leave him alone and gave him close attention. He streamed A Way Out for like 4 hours and switched the category to Just Chatting and continued his stream.

5) Jahrein

  • Ahmet Sonuç
  • Air time: 15,2 hours
  • Hours watched: 255 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 29.650 viewers
  • Twitch channel
twitch turkish

Jahrein has one of the biggest communities compared to other streamers. Because of that, it is always possible to see him in the most-watched Turkish streamers list. He streamed in Just Chatting, Minecraft, and Hearts of Iron IV mostly.

6) Hype

  • Çağrı Ergün
  • Air time: 19,8 hours
  • Hours watched: 246 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 33.614 viewers
  • Twitch channel
twitch turkish

Hype is known for his funny talkfest, so streaming in Just Chatting category is his biggest stat-booster. He also played games like PUBG Mobile, PAYDAY 2, and FIFA 21.

7) wtcN

  • Ferit Karakaya
  • Air time: 17,5 hours
  • Hours watched: 237 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 57.638 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Ferit Karakaya was a professional LoL player. But after getting banned from the game, he continued his career as a streamer. Now, he is one of the founders of BBL Esports. After BBL became the champion of First Strike Turkey, he popped a bottle of champagne on his stream on Sunday to celebrate.

8) Rammus53

  • İslam Ekşi
  • Air time: 35,8 hours
  • Hours watched: 224 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 9.268 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Rammus53 couldn’t get many concurrent viewers this week, but because of his air time, he has been watched for 224 thousand hours. His most streamed categories were CS:GO, Blazing Sails, and Among Us.

9) Crystal_LoL

  • Atakan Aydın
  • Air time: 53,8 hours
  • Hours watched: 142 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 6.823 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Former professional LoL player, Crystal_LoL is one of the most watched streamers of Turkey. Being one of the best jungler in Turkey, he only streamed League of Legends.

10) Toqtir

  • Sedat Sakmar
  • Air time: 17,8 hours
  • Hours watched: 120 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 11.896 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Toqtir is one of the rising streamers in Turkey. He streamed in categories like DayZ, Just Chatting, and Hearts of Iron IV.

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