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“nisaY” Made a Statement Regarding His Valorant Ban

A successful member of Beşiktaş Esports team, Asin “nisaY” Gök was expelled from Valorant for 12 months on the grounds of cheating. Regarding his expulsion, he made a lengthy statement:

Greetings everyone, I have been banned from official matches by VCT for 12 months. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supported me during these times. They said that there was a 3rd party software in a competitive match. I’m not such an idiot to cheat for the sake of becoming a Radiant in a competitive match. They said they did not come across anything like this in any tournament they organized. We went through a long process and were constantly in contact with Riot. We said: Can you show us evidence of 3rd party software? Riot said that they were are under community pressure and would not show their findings.

In the previous tweet I posted, you saw that my rank was lowered but my account was not banned. After these events (community pressure) they felt the need to ban my account. I think I have been wronged, but I can’t do anything against a company like Riot. Because I was banned on suspicion only, my ban is only 12 months. If they had actually detected that I was cheating, a permanent ban would have been applied. Every sane person knows that someone who cheated would not have been banned for 12 months.

After First Strike Turkey competition, Riot said that they examined my case officially and did not find anything. I demand Riot to show me proof of what the 3rd party software they detected was.

Of course, there are/will be people who don’t like me or think I am really cheating. But I would like to thank those who trusted and supported me. I hope Riot comes with a proper statement. Regarding my future, I don’t know what will happen. I will rest for a few weeks and continue talking with Riot. Thanks.

Asin “nisaY” Gök

After nisaY’s statement, Beşiktaş Esports announced on its official Twitter account that they terminated his contract. They will make a further statement regarding the future of the VALORANT team in the following days.

Riot Games is a game company that has organized many large and small organizations. They faced similar situations like this before and made similar decisions. An indefinite ban is often out of the question. As Yasin “nisaY” Gök said in his statement, Riot Games doesn’t have to make a statement in any way. I don’t think Riot Games made an unfair decision regarding this situation. If they did, I expect them to come clean about it.

Valorant Player Nisay Gets Banned For Cheating!


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