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Our Interview with Mete Sevinç, General Manager and Coach of Fastpay WildCats

Our Interview with Mete Sevinç, General Manager and Coach of Fastpay WildCats

We made an interview with Mete Sevinç, who is the coach and general manager of fastpay WildCats since the year 2019. We asked some of the most wondered questions and got answers. But before that, who is Mete Sevinç?

Who is Mete Sevinç?

Mete”Robogod” Sevinç was born in Germany in 1988. He completed his elementary education in Cappadocia, Nevşehir and graduated from Istanbul University. Other than his bachelor’s degree, he gained experience by becoming the coordinator and arranger in several programs.

Sevinç, who is interested in many different games, started his professional esports career by establishing Team Cappadocia. He got an offer from ‘Çilekler’ and became the coach of the club. After that, he agreed to become the coach of HWA in 2018. In 2019, the name HWA was changed into Istanbul Wildcats. Mete Sevinç is continuing to achieve big accomplishments for both his team and himself.


Kaan Peker:

As we all know, you have had a successful season, but lost against 5Ronin in the VFŞL 2020 Summer Season Semi-Finals. Well, what could you do better to win and what was missing in your team?

Mete Sevinç:

The end of the season is hard for a lot of teams and players. Covid made it extra hard. We could not get out of the Gaming House because of Covid. Staying at home for a long time really tired the players mentally. When we went out for the match, we knew that we were not ready, we needed a mental reset.

K.P: How can we become a coach?

M.S: In Turkey, you can become a coach simply by writing ‘coach’ before your nickname, I’m serious . If you want to be a good coach, you need to improve yourself both in game and outside of the game. I say after being a player, be an analyst and then a coach. This is the right path for it.

K.P: You were considered worthy of the ‘coach of the year’ award, we would also like to congratulate you. How did this happen? How did you train the players? If it wasn’t you, who should have won?

M.S: The secret behind our success is hard work and discipline. If we keep this attitude, we will be successful in the global arena as well. The winner was selected with the votes of other coaches and hosts. We own the title of youngest leader in the history of the league. If it was not me, Şükrü “CristoL” Aykut Yeşilkaya should have won the award.

K.P: In social media, the team is often considered as the ‘Academy League players’ etc. and I suppose that this is because you played in the Academy League with your main roster and became the champion 2 years in a row. But why do you play in the Academy League with your main team? Is the reason for it is more training for the main team? What do you think about this?

M.S: When the roster is planned, it is planned for one year. It will hurt to make changes in the team while they are doing good. We made our plans for one year. When the team made it to the finals, we stood out. Otherwise, I think 5 or 6 teams played with their main rosters in the first season. Since we were the ones that made it to the finals and became the champions 3 times in a row, we were the ones that stood out the most. When we became the academy champions for the first time, we became the champion with the youngest team in the Academy League in that time. We are the team that brought the most new players to the league.

K.P: It was announced that you made deals with Starscreen, Ferret and Serin for the next season. Do you have other transfer plans? What is waiting for us in fastPay Wildcats in the next season?

M.S: Our goal is to always bring new players to the industry and become the champion. We will keep these goals in the next season too.

K.P: In Twitter, you made a post stating that VFŞL did not appreciate the coaches enough. What was the reason for this? How do you think this can be fixed?

Mete Sevinç’s Take on the Team Announcements

M.S: I am both the general manager and the coach of the team. I actually stated that for my other coach friends. The things that motivate the coaches to stay in the field are limited. Why would a player want to become a coach after they quit playing? Coaches are way behind in sports, this goes for LoL too. Your name appears in the top, small corner during champion selection and that’s all. There are too little things they can do to change this.

K.P: As far as we know, you are both the general manager and the coach of fastPay Wildcats. What advantages does this have while scouting? Can you talk about the pros and cons of the situation?

M.S: It helps me decide faster. Sometimes, my workload becomes really heavy but my friends in the coach team help me with it, and I help them too. I can say that the biggest advantage is; I am the general manager that the players will complain about the coach. To sum up, it is crucial that the coach has the authority. This is especially important in our country.

K.P: You are one of the clubs that care for woman players; will we see more woman players in the future?

M.S: We are the only team that lets woman players play in both the championship league and academy and wins. We want to see more. In order for this to happen, woman players should try harder and we should support them more.

K.P: In which situations should we give more importance to lane pushing and what are the champions that are both compatible with the team and pushes the lanes fast? (A follower question)

M.S: In the beginning of the game, river control is important. After that, many champions pushes the lanes easily. Quite a few champions push the lanes fast. It depends on the pick in each lane.

K.P: What do you think about the foreign investments in our league? An Arabic club is investing in Royal Youth, what do you think about it? Will the value of the league go up or down? Many people reacted to this badly, how was your reaction?

M.S: We should check the Euro – TL exchange difference. It is nice that there are investments, however the only topic that sticks in my mind is; there is great efforts, then investments. However, one year after becoming the champion, the team vanishes. This is upsetting. This depends on the new team’s investment. If they invest, they will be in the top bench; otherwise, they are doomed to be in the lower benches. I am quite positive because this will draw the attention of many foreigner investors. As a region, we need the investment. Time will show.

K.P: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to fastPay Wildcats fans through Esport Times?

M.S: Thank you for your support, take care. #Gowild

You can reach Mete Sevinç’s social media accounts below.

Twitter: @RoboGodLoL

Instagram: @robogodlol

As the Esport Times team, we want to thank Mete Sevinç for interviewing with us. We are also grateful for his sincerity and toleration. We wish him continued success in the seasons to come.

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