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PUBG PCS4 European Grand Final is Complete

Week 3 of PUBG PCS4 European Grand Final is complete. PUBG Continental Series 4 (PCS4) is one of the most important PUBG events.

With the matches played on Saturday and Sunday, the 3rd and final week of PUBG PCS4 was completed. The event holders distributed a total of $250,000 cash prize this week. In the third week, Team Liquid, Redline, SKADE and Virtus.pro won twice, and finished the week in the top 4 spots. While BBL Esports finished the week 7th, SuperMassive Blaze finished as 10th and Digital Athletics team 11th. Thus, from the third week, only the BBL Esports team has cashed in the $4,000 prize.

PUBG PCS4 European Grand Final Week 3 Scores

The event took place over a 3-week period between June 6 – 27 and finalized with this week’s matches. Competitors have their ranks in accordance with the prize money they won. In the overall ranking, Virtus.pro won $36,000 in prize money, finishing first in the tournament and getting 450 PGC points (Pubg Global Championship). Team Liquid took the second place with $28,000 in prize money, while Team Redline finished the tournament in third place with $25,000. BBL Esports finished in 9th place, winning $12,000 in prize money. Digital Athletics team took 12th place with $4,000.

PUBG PCS4 European Grand Final Week 3 Scores

PUBG also announced the winners of the tournament’s special awards. The most remarkable team of the tournament was Virtus.pro, therefore they won an extra $5,000 in cash. The player with the most kills in the tournament was xmpl. Xmpl became the player with the most kills in the tournament with a total of 72 kills and won the $5,000. Teabone, Fexx, Lu and xmpl took part in the Allstar squad of the tournament. These players won a prize of $2,500 each.

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