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Sangal Esports Explained: Why Did “Bacy” Get Benched?

On 17 December, Sangal Esports announced that the young player of the Valorant team, Tolga ‘bacy‘ Bacak benched in Sangal Esports.

Then, they told that a statement about the situation will be given in the coming days, and a statement was released today.

Tolga “bacy” Bacak, one of the players of our VALORANT team, will continue his career with a different team from today. The representation rights will remain to be owned by Sangal Esports and the player’s contract continues. We thank him for his services.

Sangal Esports said in a statement that it was actually a player-on-loan situation. Bacy will remain a player of Sangal Esports but will be able to play for other teams. In fact, we are familiar with such events in traditional sports, but we do not coincide those in esports.

The situation is currently unclear which team Bacy will play for, also the replacement of Bacy is also unclear. Although E5N has played as a stand-in in the recent tournaments, he has not yet joined the team for sure.

However, young player bacy released a statement via Twitter, he explained;

My contract with my team Sangal Esports still continues, but; with the permission given to me by the management, I will continue my career in a different roster. I thank @hardstylecsgo for helping me during the process.

Bacy’s statement was a brief expression of gratitude to “hardstyle“, the coach of both CS:GO and Valorant teams, and he explained his situation to us better.

As the Esport Times team, we wish young player Bacy success in his career!

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