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VALORANT Challengers League Turkey Birlik Teams Announced!

After the qualifiers’ result the teams that will compete in the 2023 VALORANT Challengers League Turkey Birlik have been determined. Teams firstly joined the open qualifiers held between 10-11 December and 14-15 December. As a result of that they earn the right to join closed qualifiers that are held between 19-25 December. And winners of these qualifiers went on to the league. The VALORANT Challengers League Turkey Birlik will be played from January 14 to March 12.

With the end of the closed qualifiers, the 2 teams that qualified for the league were Digital Athletics and Galacticos. Both of the teams came here after beating Unknownpros.

Digital Athletics, went to the loser’s bracket after losing in quarter finals. They took 010 Esports, Regnum Carya and KÖSTEBEKGİLLER down to face Unknownpros at the loser’s bracket finals. At the final Digital Athletics, beated their rival 2-1 and earn their spot at the league.

Galakticos had a familiar road with Digital Athletics at the top of the bracket. They faced with Unknownpros at the final, Regnum Carya Esports and KÖSTEBEKGİLLER before that. Galakticos did not give any chance to their opponents and won all of their matches.

VALORANT Challangers League Turkey Birlik

VALORANT Challengers League Turkey Birlik Teams:

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