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Worlds 2021 Could Be Played In Europe Instead Of China

It was announced that Worlds 2021, one of the biggest tournaments of this year, would be in China this year as it was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic last year. But according to recent sources, Riot Games may be moving the Worlds 2021 to Europe instead of China due to pandemic restrictions.

An official statement will be here in the coming days, including the location, audience and other details about the subject.

Most affected by this change were the teams that got their Worlds 2021 ticket and started to deal with the Chinese visa process for all their players and coaches:

  • DWG KIA (South Korea)
  • Gen.G (South Korea)
  • T1 (South Korea)
  • 100 Thieves (North America)
  • Team Liquid (North America)
  • Cloud9 (North America)
  • Rogue (Europe)
  • MAD Lions (Europe)
  • Fnatic (Europe)

No News About Worlds 2021 Wildcard Regions

Worlds 2021 participants of minor leagues such as Latin America, Japan and Turkey have not yet been announced. It will be easier for all teams, press and production teams to reach Europe, except for the Chinese teams.

We don’t know if this change will affect Worlds 2022, which is scheduled to take place in North America. We hope that Riot will clarify this issue in the official statement. While it is difficult to talk about the coming years during the pandemic process, it should be close to impossible to plan one of the biggest tournaments in the world. So even if there is no definite plan for the 2022 events, it will be finalized within the next year.

Worlds 2019 Trophy, Europe

Europe last hosted Worlds 2019. It was also the last event with a large audience.

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