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1907 Fenerbahçe Esports Announces Its NBA 2K Roster

Like with its traditional sports teams, Fenerbahçe is making a strong impression with its esports rosters too. Its NBA 2K team has been dominating the tournaments that it participated. A few days ago, Fenerbahçe Esports announced its NBA 2K roster for the upcoming season.

We are coming to be the name for the championships, the best of Europe!
Here is our roster for NBA2K 2021 season:
Eren Demirtaş – PG
Fatih Toprak – SG
Tansu Aksoy – SF
Birkan Cengir – PF
Kadir Pektaş – C
Sabri Can Aksoy – SUB

PG: Eren Demirtaş

Eren Demirtaş will continue to serve the team in the PG position. He also plays in the Turkish national 2K team, and won the FIBA Esports Open II tournament, and was selected as the most valuable player of the tournament. He also announced that he has been invited to the official NBA 2K League’s draft pool.

SG: Fatih Toprak

Fatih Toprak will take charge of the team in the SG position. Besides his defensive skills, he’s also a good shooter on the mid-range and threes. He has also been in the Turkish National 2K team.

SF: Tansu Aksoy

Tansu Aksoy is a real-life professional basketball player, and also a professional 2K player for Fenerbahçe and the Turkish National Team.

PF: Birkan Cengir

Birkan Cengir, a.k.a. LOVEBattleDeaD, will be the team’s power forward player. He also plays for Turkish National 2K team.

C: Kadir Pektaş

Center is one of the most important roles for a basketball team, and Fenerbahçe announced Kadir Pektaş as their Center player. He’s doing wonders on the inside, both offense and defense. Also, he has been invited to the NBA 2K League draft pool the second time.

Sub: Sabri Can Aksoy

The sixth player of the team will be Sabri Can Aksoy. If the promising player shows great efficiency and gets entitled to play for the national team, every player from Fenerbahçe 2K roster will also be playing for the national team.

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