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9INE Unveils New Roster

The Swedish organisation, 9INE, has acquired the MyGame Roster.

9INE have announced that they have merged with the MyGame organization and have also acquired their CS:GO team. Starting fresh with a new Swedish Roster, the team will be led by Edwin “eddeman” Sazesh.

Fredrik Belstad, Founder of 9INE, says. “Our main goal is to launch right back into the competitive scene. We want to relive the dream of having a passionate squad. We urge to feel the intensity and thrill of each game our new team plays.”

After being out of the scene, since losing the Turkish Squad, 9INE are back and hungry to achieve greatness again. They see signing this Swedish Team as a start to something new. The question is will we see 9INE have the success they did with their old team?

  • Edwin “eddeman” Sazesh
  • Jonatan “bobeksde” Persson
  • Filip “heavy” Wiss
  • Oliver “debo” Hallel
  • Jacob “anjou” Anjou

9INE saw potential and a long term vision. However, it’s crucial to find players that are passionate about CS:GO, keeping in mind it just because you are passionate doesn’t mean you get a free door to success. There are a lot of other things you need to have.

9INE believe reaching their full potential is possible now. They have the chance to take the next step. “However, we don’t want the pressure getting to them this could prevent them from enjoying the game.” Fredrik says.

Edwin, the team’s IGL, describes his thoughts on joining 9INE. “It’s exciting to join an organisation with good support and structure around the team, with management, coach and other resources that will be available. I think this will definitely help both me and the team to reach the next steps in our career.”

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  1. This team looks fucking sick. Heavy is an amazing talent and I look forward seeing him evolve further under this new org. Can’t wait for the major stickers. GL


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