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ApplyBAU Starts Esports Scholarship Applications

Applications for the ApplyBAU system, where students are awarded scholarships based on their talents and entrepreneurial projects, have started for university candidates who want to improve themselves in the field of esports. Bahçeşehir University Esports Center, which also offers the chance to participate in many national and international tournaments, provides scholarships to many different students every year.

The ApplyBAU scholarship system, provides scholarships to thousands of students in line with their talents, initiatives and projects. ApplyBAU scholarship applications have started for students who want to carry out their education life together with esports. Every student who takes the Turkish university exam can apply for the the ApplyBAU Esports scholarship, until August 4th.

This esports scholarships includes different fields such as social media management, tournament management and broadcast management. Within the University’s own team, the students can also both participate in local Turkish and global tournaments. This lets them continue their academic career later on. So far, since the 2017-2018 academic year, 75 students have already received this scholarship.

Bahçeşehir University, which has achieved successful results both in the local and global esports scene, provides scholarships to both the people on the operational side and the players themselves. In addition, students graduating from the BAU esports program also have the opportunity to continue their gaming career in sector. You can find further information here.


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