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BBL Esports Becomes ESA x Tosla PUBG Domination Champion

The ESA x Tosla PUBG Domination Tournament, organized by ESA and sponsored by Tosla, is over. BBL Esports won the tournament and was awarded TL25,000 (≈$3000).

BBL Esports qualified for the finals by completing the long and difficult group stage. The team continued its performance until the last second. The closest follower, the Galakticos team, could not make good use of the chance they got in the last map and finished the tournament in second place. BBL Esports won the championship by a 2 point difference. The Galakticos team won the second place prize, worth of TL12,500 (≈$1500).

ESA x Tosla PUBG Domination Rankings

At the end of the tournament, an interview was held with Samil “Mitraleius” Özkan from the winning team. Mitraleius said, “The tournament was pretty good. There could have been less Semi-final series and more at the end ones.” For the PCS5 and PUBG Global Championship, he said, “Frankly, we are very motivated for PCS5 with our heads in the game.” the player stated that he thinks the most deserving teams should go to PGC and that they definitely deserved it as a team.

As esportimes, we wish BBL Esports good luck in the upcoming tournaments.


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