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BBL Esports Members Comment On Their VCT Masters Turkey Loss

VCT Masters Turkey final game was played between Futbolist and BBL Esports. With a score of 3-0, Futbolist team became the champion of the tournament. After the final series, BBL Esports members answered some questions from the media.

Can we get some general comments regarding the series?

  • BBL Esports’ coach Eray ‘gais‘ Sarıkaya: In general, we made a lot of mistakes. We lost the matches due to a chain of mistakes. I congratulate our opponent for their good performance.

What do you think was the hardest mistake and most important thing you did today? (5Mid / Onur Demirkol)

  • LEGOO: The worst thing we did in the game today was that we didn’t make good use of the comeback we did on the Bind map. If we had won the match, the tournament result would have been different.

Although the results of the first map were too close, everyone was waiting for the 5th game. However, you lacked performance on the maps other than Bind. What do you attribute to the series ending so early?

  • LEGOO: The Bind map was the map we chose. Despite falling behind, we knew how to get ahead, but we lost. Split was our opponent’s map, they knew how to win. When we fell behind 2-0, they (Futbolist) were able to win with their momentum.

You made a perfect comeback on the first map. As you won the rounds, your self-confidence was restored. While you were in the match, did you think it would come to this point? How did you feel about loosing after such a comeback? (Esportimes.com / Mert Erçikli)

  • kero: We actually realized that the match was going there after the pistol round. We realized that we could turn the series, after winning 2-3 rounds back to back. Successfully doing a comeback and not winning the round made us a little sad of course. And then we lost the other 2 maps.

You are one of the best teams in Turkey. How did being the favorite before the series affect you? Was there any pressure on you? (Fotospor / Can Karabal)

  • russ: There was no pressure on us, we played badly and lost.

Thanks to VALORANT, there have been many changes in your life and the game is also constantly changing. Where do you think we will see VALORANT in the next 5 years? (Espor Newspaper / Samet Bay)

  • LEGOO: It (Valorant) has passed many other games in Turkey and is breaking viewership records. I cannot imagine what it will become in 5 years. I see it in very big places, the current situation is the proof.

At times you picked Sage and Jett. At certain points, you acted as an entry while at others as a support. Do you have any difficulties changing between characters? If so, what is the most challenging part for you? (Espor Gazetesi / Osman Aslan)

  • russ: No, it is not difficult, I pick the characters by the choice of the map anyway, so it’s not a problem.

What would you like to say about BBL’s overall performance and your individual performance during the tournament? (Espor Gazetesi / Musa Sağlam)

  • LEGOO: Actually, I congratulate all my teammates up to this moment, except for the matches we played with the Futbolist, everyone did their job very well and we came to the final. Coming to the final is already a big thing. And we became the champion of the first tournament and saw the final in the second tournament. Individually, I think I performed well until the final. I think everyone gave a good performance. We lost in the final, such things can happen, as in every sport. There is losing and winning. We will be better prepared for other tournaments to come. I hope we can represent our country in Europe together with Futbolist.

We thank BBL Esports for their beautiful performance during the VCT Masters Turkey. As esportimes.com, we wish them success in the upcoming tournaments!


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