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BBL Esports Withdraws From The Red Bull Home Ground Tournament!

Preparations are in order while the Red Bull Home Ground tournament, which will start on 28 January, are almost here. Three Turkish teams have been invited to the tournament with a prize pool worth of £24.000. While BBL Esports and Oxygen Esports teams have been invited to the tournament on the closed qualifiers, Futbolist team have been invited directly.

About The Tournament

Red Bull Home Ground, which is a Pro Invitational, will have 20 teams participating. The teams that are invited to the closed qualifiers are:

  • BBL Esports
  • BIG
  • DfuseTeam
  • Oxygen Esports

After 1 team is qualified for the main event out of the 20 teams in the closed qualifiers, 8 teams will take place in the main event. The main event teams are:

  • Futbolist
  • G2 Esports
  • Guild Esports
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Team Liquid
  • TBD (Invited, special guest)
  • TBD (will be determined after the closed qualifiers)

Red Bull Home Ground tournament’s closed qualifiers will take place on this weekend (23-24 January), and the main event will take place during 28-31 January. Also, the winner team of the tournament will be getting £10.000 monetary prize.

For more details on the tournament, click here.

Why Did BBL Esports Withdraw From Red Bull Home Ground?

Semih “LEGOO” Selvi, the team captain of BBL Esports, has announced on his Twitch stream that the team has withdrawn from the tournament. After the announcement, LEGOO stated that the reason for this is ‘not getting invited to the main event of the tournament’.

BBL Esports thinks that there is an injustice in the tournament. The team was the champion of First Strike Turkey; so the players all agree that while Futbolist gets invited while BBL Esports does not, is unfair. The team captain added that this is no direct harassment towards the Futbolist team and that they respect them very much; the injustice in the tournament is the reason for their withdrawal.

While the topic is very controversial, both teams have their points. Also, Red Bull is the official sponsor of Futbolist.

We wish success to all participants in the tournament.

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Eylül Su Başıbüyük
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