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BBL Queens Took the Second Place in EMEA!

BBL Queens completed the EMEA GC 2023 SERIES 1 as runners-up by losing the Grand Final 3-2 against last year’s world champion G2 Gozen. BBL Queens managed to defeat G2 Gozen both in the group stages and in the upper-bracket final. After losing against BBL Queens, G2 Gozen went down to the lower bracket final and defeated Acend Rising 3-0 to advance to the Grand Final. BBL Queens made a great comeback from 0-2, but it wasn’t enough for them to win the final. G2 Gozen won the Grand Final 3-2 and took the €10,000.

BBL Queens showed an amazing performance by not losing even a single match until the Grand Final.

Here is the résumé of the Grand Final:

Because of the rules, BBL Queens had two map bans, which are BIND and HAVEN. After that, they chose PEARL and LOTUS. On the other hand, G2 Gozen chose ASCENT and SPLIT. Thus, FRACTURE became the decider.

By their dominance in the PEARL, G2 Gozen closed the first half 9-3 and won the map with a score of 13-5.

In the ASCENT G2 closed the first half 7-5, but BBL Queens succeeded in making the score even. However, G2 Gozen won the map 15-13 in overtime.

The third map, which is LOTUS, was the last chance for BBL. In their own map, the first half was 6-6, but BBL made it 13-9 with Vania‘s huge performance. Vania got 306 ACS in the third map and showed that they were not over yet.

In Split, BBL Queens closed the first half 8-4 and won the map 13-5. They were ambitious, and their hopes got even higher.

The fifth and last map was FRACTURE, which wasn’t played in EMEA GC 2023 SERIES 1 by either BBL Queens or G2 Gozen. G2 Gozen closed the first half 7-5 and won the Grand Final with a score of 13-9. Mary, who got 327 ACS, was the heroine for G2 Gozen.

As expected, G2 Gozen‘s entry player, Mary, is chosen MVP.

Sadettin Enes
Sadettin Enes
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