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Besiktas Esports Transfers Mocha!

Besiktas Esports, one of the League of Legends Turkish League teams, continues to announce new staff. They announced the team’s new content creator, @stendwol, with a tweet.


They also transferred Ali “Craft1x” Aklan, Burak “His” Sunal, and Noh “Alive” Jin-wook before. Yesterday, they announced their new support player, Kim “Mocha” Tae-gyeom. Mocha played for Crew Esports, another Turkish team, three years ago.

The team used Shakira’s famous song ‘Loca’ in the announcement video. They crossed the word ‘Loca’ out and wrote ‘Mocha’ instead.

Yet, we only wanted coffee.
I wasn’t ready
It happened suddenly

Congratulations to the new members of the team. We cannot wait to see what other steps the team will take.

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Besiktas Esports Transfers Alive!

Umut Arı
Umut Arı
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