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BLAST Premier Fall Final Will Be Held In Copenhagen Royal Arena!

A 12,000 capacity giant arena in Denmark will be hosting the BLAST Premier Fall Final Event.

Organizations that have been going on without an audience for a long time due to the pandemic are coming to an end. According to the statements of the organizers, the event will be held at Copenhagen Royal Arena with a capacity of 12,000 people.

Organizers stated that the event will be BLAST’s first audience participation event in nearly 20 months. Screams, roars, living and vibrant reactions of audiences make the tournament real. The event will take place from November 23 to 28. They stated that the event is scheduled for after the PGL Stockholm Major. On the other hand, PGL will be the first Counter-Strike event with audience participation since the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic.

BLAST Premier Fall Final

Organizers Are Optimistic!

We have no desire in racing anyone anywhere when it is about a global pandemic… From the start, we felt like that to be the first not necessary for us. If anyone beats us, this is great. If not, well then it is going to be exciting that we are the first ones. But safety first, health is above everything…

Senior Manager, Nicolas Estrup

In addition, according to another organizer’s statements, they will stick to the Danish government’s measures safety and health. Players to participants, will be taken into account. BLAST managers state that they think that the 12,000-person capacity will be fully filled. But they foresee lesser participation of 5,000 people within the scope of health measures. But organizers don’t consider it as a problem because they emphasize the importance of health. They know that the BLAST Premier Fall Final will determine the course of the following tournaments.

The event will take place approximately 6 days and eight teams will compete for a prize pool of $425,000. In addition, six of the eight teams will come from the group stage, which will be held between September 16-26. The remaining two teams will be announced after the Fall Showdown, which will be held between October 12-17. The first three days of the event will be without an audience. The event will open doors for fans in the last three days.

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Mehmet Ümit Yiğit
Mehmet Ümit Yiğit
FPS oyuncusu (tercihen 60 FPS altı...) Ayrıca Half-Life 3'ü bekliyor...


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