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Blaze Esports Won The Bitexen TESFED Rocket League Turkey Cup

Blaze Esports became the champion of Bitexen TESFED Rocket League Turkey Cup! Sponsored by Bitexen, and organized by Turkey Esports Federation (TESFED), Rocket League Turkey Cup was completed. Blaze Esports became the winner of the tournament in which six talented teams participated. The teams that participated in the tournament are; Blaze Esports, Futbolist, Karagümrük Espor, Fastpay Wildcats, Etiget Esports, and Awuju. At the end of the tournament, Blaze Esports became the champion of The Bitexen TESFED Rocket League Turkey Cup.

In the tournament, which had qualifiers in the Best of 5 format and ended with a final in Best of 7 format, Futbolist and Blaze Esports teams were qualified for the final. Blaze Esports became the team that reached first place with a 4-0 victory and added another success to the history of the club.

In the Bitexen TESFED Turkey Cup, BLAZE became the winner of Rocket League and the prize worth of 8000 ₺ EXEN Coins.

Blaze Esports, who won the tournament, also won 8000 ₺ worth of EXEN Coins. Also, EXEN Coin is the first national coin of Turkey.

As the Esport Times team we congratulate; Bitexen the TESFED Turkey Cup Champion, Blaze Esports, the club’s General Manager Mr. Atahan ‘mr_k until‘ Dikmen and valuable players Can ‘ZgocBrayt‘ SarıErdem ‘ErdemPie‘ SahanArda ‘Lorely‘ Teker and Ege ‘Straks Temizdoğrar.

Ecem Subaşılar
Ecem Subaşılar
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