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Bus Simulator: Ultimate Breaks A Record With 250 Million Downloads!

The Turkish mobile game company Zuuks Games, first established in 2014, achieved a historical success with the Bus Simulator: Ultimate.

The game, published in 2019, achieved 251 million 350 thousand downloads from a total of 200 countries. With this success, the game became the “most downloaded mobile simulation game.” Outperforming its closest rival by 50 million downloads.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a bus simulation game that offers players a high-level simulation experience on the mobile platforms with its features and mechanics. It attracted the attention of the players especially with its advanced graphics, realistic places and multiplayer mode.

By starting the game from scratch, you can set up fleets or bus companies, or you can drive your bus between cities in a calming way. The game completely leaves it up to you with its many modes. With the latest update to the game, it is now possible to play the game in multiplayer.

There are more than 200 bus stations in the game. From Turkey to America, to Brazil and European countries. 40 of which are from Turkey, and their descriptions and designs are really great for a mobile game. From the bus station designs to road and city designs there are a lot of details details.

The Most Downloaded Mobile Simulation Game in the World Bus Simulator: Ultimate!

Zuuks Games achieved great success and broke a record in the mobile simulation games category with 251 million downloads. Smartphones are getting more and more powerful everyday. Almost as powerful as computers and having sufficient hardware for games.

If we look at the big titles that have recently entered the mobile game world, such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and Witcher. We can easily say that with entry of such big series into the mobile game market, the market share of the sector will increase in a very short time.

This is not the only success of Zuuks Games. The company also developed and published Truck Simulator: Europe, downloaded 191 million times and City Driving, downloaded 60 million times. With these numbers, for the first time, a Turkish mobile game company has exceeded 500 million downloads. We hope these successes will continue. 

You can access the Bus Simulator: Ultimate game by clicking here for Android devices and here for iOS devices.

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