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And The Champion Is Futbolist!

Today (25.12.2020) Dark Passage and the Futbolist took the final stage in the Gamerbase Elite Invitational tournament. Futbolist got the victory with a score of 2-0 and became the champion.

The Dark Passage vs. Sangal Esports match was postponed to the day of the grand final due to internet problems in the semifinals on Thursday (24.12.2020). Therefore, Dark Passage and Sangal Esports played the semi-final match before the Grand Final.

Dark Passage vs Sangal Esports

At 19.00, Dark Passage became the second finalist by winning a magnificent match by 13-7 in the Ascent map and by 14-12 in the Bind map.


The Futbolist vs. Dark Passage match took place in the Grand Final, with the Ascent map at 21.15 pm. On the Futbolist side, Mojj’s Killjoy made a great difference, bringing the match to a score of 13-10. The second map was the Haven. cNed and sterben won the game by 13-8, with their experience on the Haven map. Even though Dark Passage tried to turn the match around in the second half, Futbolist did not allow them, with its disciplined game and became the Grand Final Champion!

At the end of the match, Futbolist won 6000₺ monetary prize as the champion. DarkPassage won 3000₺ as the 2nd team. The third and fourth teams were awarded 500₺ as the consolation prize.

In addition, the following gifts will be given to viewers who participated in the Election Fight and guessed right the results of the tournament, through the GamerBase Discord channel:

  • 1x AORUS M2 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • 2x 2500VP
  • 3x 1250VP
  • 10x 600VP

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Furkan Özdemir
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