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Champions Queue Returns for MSI 2023!

The competitive matchmaking experience Champions Queue, welcomes all participating MSI 2023 Championship teams.

MSI 2023 is fast approaching, and we’re excited to announce that we’re
opening League of Legends Champions Queue (CQ) on April 30! As we
welcome players from all over the globe to London, we’ll be launching
our MSI CQ environment, which will be tailored to ensure that they are
able to practice in a competitive environment with and against their
fellow competitors.

What is Champions Queue?

Champions Queue is an invite-only, adaptive League of Legends system
that allows professional and developmental players to practice in an
organized environment. All eligible players will be given access to a
server that will schedule, track, and organize games between players.

How Does It Work?

MSI CQ will be organized much like Worlds CQ before it. Admins will be
on-hand and act as the main point of contact for players if they
encounter any issues, and make sure their experience is seamless. To
give players a low latency environment ahead of the MSI procession,
the tournament server will move to the server closest to the MSI, in
Frankfurt, and will support zero-delay streaming by any player or
spectator with CQ access.

MSI CQ will follow the same patch cycle as MSI 2023. Champions
disabled in MSI 2023 will also be disabled in MSI CQ. Players are able
to pause for technical issues and emergencies, however to ensure a
seamless experience, after 10 minutes, they must resume play if one
team wants to unpause.

Given the high skill level of all players and the small queue
population, matchmaking prioritizes time in queue when generating
matches. Once a match is formed, teams are balanced against MMR.

Champions Queue

Who is Invited to Participate?

One of the following criteria must be met for a player to be eligible
to use MSI 2023 CQ:

  • MSI 2023 players (including substitutes)
  • LEC starting lineup players
  • ERL players and LEC substitutes who are currently Challenger rank in
  • 2023 on live servers (this does not include their peak, it must be
    their current rank)
  • Players from MSI-qualifying leagues who are bootcamping in EMEA
  • ERL and Ex-Pro players who are vetted and approved by the EMEA CQ
  • Player Council (Ex-Pro players are those who have played in at least
    two Splits in a LoL MSI-Qualifying region)

Who Can Stream CQ?

Players are highly encouraged to stream MSI CQ matches, but they may
not stream during the MSI broadcast. Stream delay is not required, and
there is a limit of 15 in-game spectators per game.

The spectator/co-stream pool of MSI CQ will also be expanding,
offering streaming access to select content creators globally.

When Will CQ Be Active?

MSI CQ will open on April 30 and will remain active until May 21
(subject to early closure if less teams are available). It will be
available for approved players every day, opening at 19:00 BST / 20:00
CEST, and remaining online until 01:00 BST / 02:00 CEST – with the
off-roll queue opening at 00:00 BST / 01:00 CEST.

Champion’s Queue has given players across the competitive scene access
to the highest quality practice experience, and we’re excited to
welcome all international visitors to the server as they prepare for
MSI in London.

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