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Dark Passage Announced The New Captain of Their Valorant Team!

Dark Passage, one of the most established esports organizations in Turkey, chose careful and cautious steps while structuring their valorant team. Previously, they had announced a player audition event sponsored by Supradyn to engage their Valorant team.

Dark Passage Is Looking For Players For The Valorant Team!

Right now, the auditions are over and the chosen players are being announced.

Dark Passage Valorant Team: Announced Team Members

Firstly, the Dark Passage Valorant team captain was announced. Göksel ‘gosaydam‘ Saydam is the new team captain.

No wind can help a ship of which the captain is not good… We present to you, the winner of our esports team auditions sponsored by Supradyn; the captain of our VALORANT team, the name that will lead Dark Passage to the finals in the First Strike tournament: Göksel ‘gosaydam‘ Saydam.
Best Wishes

Göksel ‘gosaydam’ Saydam had previously played in the Valorant team of Digital Athletics. And now he will be fighting in the tournaments with Dark Passage.

After the captain, they announced the Second Player of The Dark Passage Valorant team. The second player is Kaan ‘Brasco’ Elver, whom we know from his Breach plays.

Kaan “Brasco” Elver, our second player who will represent Dark Passage in the First Strike tournament. He won the final of our team auditions where we looked for New Legends of Espor with Supradyn as the sponsor. We know him from his Breach plays, the new OP champion of the meta! ? ?

In addition to announcing two players, Dark Passage also announced that they will be participating in the First Strike Open qualifiers. Open Qualifier#3 is currently ongoing. Only 1 Open qualifier remains. They have a short time to gather the team and train before they go to the first Strike Finals. Let’s see if Dark Passage will use this time efficiently?

Locomotives of Esports I: Dark Passage Esports

Also, they have only announced two of the players for the time being. We’ll be sharing with you as soon as possible when Dark Passage announces the rest of their Valorant players.

Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
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