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Digital Athletics Finished Second Place in PGI.S Weekly Final #4

Weekly Final #4, the 4th week final of the PUBG PGI.S event, ended with the matches played today. As a result of 10 matches which have been played yesterday and today, the winner of the 4th week final has been determined. Zenith Esports (ZEN) from North America, ranked first with a total of 86 points. After the Zenith Esports team, the Turkish team Digital Athletics (DA) took the second place with 76 points. MultiCircle Gaming (MCG) team finished third with 75 points.

Digital Athletics started the day in 3rd place with 42 points after the first day. Making his fans happy with their play, DA’s points are as follows;

6th match7kills7th place8 points
7th match6kills2rd place12 points
8th match0kill9th place0 point
9th match1kill5th place4 points
10th match4kills2nd place10 points

The excitement continued until the last game and when the last game started, the top 9 teams had the chance to be in the first place. Turkish team DA played good matches and made it to the last 2 teams in the last match. Zenith Esports and Digital Athletics teams faced in the last circle. Both teams had 4 players in the last part. In the match, the loser would be the second and the winner would take first place. Zenith Esports used the position advantage to outplay the DA team and won the match. So Zenith Esports took the first place of Weekly final #4.

Weekly Final #4 event had a prize pool of $300,000 and Zenith Esports was awarded $150,000. In addition to this award, some part of in-game product revenue was included in the total award. Thus, Zenith Esports got a total of $349,822. Digital Athletics team won $75,000 because of 2nd place. DA got a total of $168,750 with in-game product revenue.

Teams that are participating in the PGI.S Weekly Final #4, will directly participate in the Weekly Survival #5. Teams that will face each other in the Weekly Survival #5 event, will compete to qualify for the Weekly Final #5. Weekly Survival #5 will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and they will begin at CET 10.00 hours. You can follow the matches live from here.

Selahattin Çat
Selahattin Çat
İsmim Selahattin 22 yaşındayım. Öğrenciyim İstanbul'da okumaktayım. Espor ve oyun dünyası ile ilgiliyim ve yakından takip etmekteyim


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