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Dota 2 DPC Recap: Week 3 Upper Division

The 3rd week of DPC is over. Half of the season is behind us and we are starting to see some leaders emerge from their respective regions. There are big names like Team Secret, and Evil Geniuses whose success did not surprise anyone. However there are some teams like Team Aster and Neon Esports who might surprise us further down the line. Lets look at week 3 recap of DPC.

The first Dota 2 Major of the year will also be held in Singapore. You can read our article here. The results of this tournament will definitely effect the direct invitations to the Major.

For the format and the rules of the tournament check here. Here are our week 1 and week 2 recaps.

Europe (EU)

With two big wins against Nigma and Liquid, Team Secret solidified their first place. I wont be expecting them to relinquish their spot anytime soon. They are most definitely are going to get invited to this years major. The other spots are always shuffling though. This week Alliance managed to snag the second spot, however I am not too sure that they can keep it.

[A] vs HCE2-0
Tundra vs Liquid 2-0
Secret vs Nigma2-0
Viking.gg vs Nigma2-1
Secret vs Liquid2-0
Week 3 Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
1.Team Secret4-08-1
4.Tundra Esports2-26-4
5.Team Nigma2-25-6
6.Team Liquid2-35-6
8.High Coast Esports0-41-8
Overall Standings


Team Aster keeps suprising a lot of people. The previous week they managed to secure the second spot while this week they rose to the first position. iG has the second spot while VG disappointingly went from the first spot to the third. All of them will definitely be invited to the Major, however the last spot is currently heavily contested between PSG.LGD and Elephant.

Due to Chinese New year, the 4th week of Chinese division will resume on February 23.

EHOME vs Aster0-2
VG vs iG0-2
EHOME vs VG0-2
MagMa vs LBZS2-0
PSG.LGD vs Elephant1-2
Week 3 Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
1.Team Aster2-06-1
2.Invictus Gaming3-06-2
3.Vici Gaming3-16-2
7.Team MagMa1-32-6
Overall Standings

North America (NA)

All the series of the week once again ended with a 2-0. This shows that there is a solid hierarchy within this region. EG of course is on top of the food chain. The team standings are pretty much the same.

UND vs BNY2-0
SAD vs 5MM2-0
QC vs A-Team2-0
4Z vs BNY2-0
EG vs UND2-0
Week 3 Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
1.Evil Geniuses3-08-2
2.Quincy Crew3-06-0
5.4 Zoomers2-25-4
6.Black N Yellow1-32-7
Overall Standings

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

As expected, Virtus.pro and NAVI are still dominating this region. They are definitely getting invited to the Major, while the last spot will probably be filled by Team Spirit or Live to Win.

VP vs Unique2-0
LtW vs Empire2-1
VP vs EXTR2-0
NAVI vs Empire2-0
TSpirit vs LtW2-1
Week 3 Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
2.Natus Vincere4-08-1
3.Team Spirit2-26-5
4.Live to Win2-25-5
7.Team Empire1-33-7
8.Team Unique0-31-6
Overall Standings

Southeast Asia (SEA)

Neon Esports have a solid standing on the first spot. The second and third spots are heavyly contested.

There was an epic series between T1 and TNC Predator. One game was full of back and fourth team battles while another game saw a 75 minute comeback. TNC managed to rise from 6th spot to the 3rd, however I am not too sure that they can actually keep it. We have to see. Without a doubt this is the most contested and heated region of the tournament.

Fnatic vs BOOM1-2
XctN vs Vice1-2
BOOM vs T11-2
Neon XctN2-1
T1 vs TNC1-2
Week 3 Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
1.Neon Esports4-08-3
3.TNC Predator 2-25-5
5.BOOM Esports2-25-6
6.Vice Esports1-22-5
7.496 Gaming1-35-6
Overall Standings

South America (SA)

Beastcoast have solidified their first spot and are definitely going to the Major. SG Esports are holding to the second spot. depending on Team Unknown or Thunder Predator, they might not hold on to it. There are only 2 Major spots for South America so this should be interesting.

INF vs SG0-2
DEF vs NoPing1-2
bc vs TP2-0
EGB vs UNK0-2
DEF vs SG0-2
Week 3 Games
StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
2.SG Esports3-16-3
3.Team Unknown2-25-4
4.Thunder Predator2-24-5
4.NoPing e-sports1-14-5
7.Latam Defenders1-33-7
Overall Standings

With first Dota Major approaching, the results of DPC season 1 is crucial. Most of the top spots are guaranteed, but I am always open to surprises. The competition for the 3rd spots are always the most action packed. I am expecting more heated series in that regard. As always, thanks for reading our week 3 recap of DPC and come back next week for our week 4 recap.


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