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Dota 2 DPC Recap: Week 5 Upper Division

Week 5 of DPC is over, in this article we will be looking at the recap of the week. This week, the surprising losses of some popular teams resulted in rank shuffles. Some teams also fell out of the upper league. Because of the tight standings in some regions, next week will definitely be the most critical week of the tournament.

Currently, there are still 15 invites left open for the Major, which will be held in Singapore. You can read our article about it here.

For the format and the rules of the tournament check here. You can check our week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4 recaps.

Now, lets look at week 5 recap of DPC tournament.

Europe (EU)

Yet again Secret ended a week with perfection, keeping their top spot. Team Nigma, after losing 3 series back to back finally managed to get a win against Tundra Esports.

OG suffered a heavy loss against Liquid. In one game, they were even defeated under 14 minutes. Which if you know the pace of Dota 2, is really bad. Viking.gg and High Coast Esports fell from the upper division.

Under these conditions, not counting the 1st spot, the general standings are a bit cramped. Next week will really be crucial for this region.

Nigma vs Tundra2-0
Secret vs HCE2-0
Viking.gg vs [A]1-2
Liquid vs OG2-1
Tundra vs Viking.gg2-1
Week 5 Games

StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
1.Team Secret6-012-2
3.Team Liquid3-37-7
4.Team Nigma3-38-8
6.Tundra Esports3-49-9
8.High Coast Esports1-53-10
Overall Standings


Due to the Chinese New year, the 4th week of Chinese division will resume on February 23.

StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
1.Team Aster2-06-1
2.Invictus Gaming3-06-2
3.Vici Gaming3-16-2
7.Team MagMa1-32-6
Overall Standings

North America (NA)

Quincy Crew triumphed over the EG, becoming the region’s unbeatable team. The series ending with a 2-1 result was thrilling and full of action. 4 Zoomers won against Undying. They now have the same win to lose ratio as EG. 5ManMidas were eliminated from the upper division.

A-Team vs 5MM2-0
QC vs EG2-1
SAD vs BNY0-2
QC vs SAD2-0
4Z vs UND1-2
Week 5 Games

StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
1.Quincy Crew6-012-2
2.Evil Geniuses5-111-4
4.4 Zoomers3-38-6
7.Black N Yellow2-55-11
Overall Standings

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

After 5 weeks, Virtus.pro managed to become the only unbeatable team in the region. The undefeated streak of the NAVI came to an end with their defeat by Team Spirit. AS Monaco Gambit, Team Spirit and EXTREMUM have a score of 3-3. So one of these teams will be going to Singapore together with VP and NAVI. NoTechies were eliminated from the upper division.

EXTR vs Empire2-0
VP vs NT2-0
Unique vs ASM.GMB0-2
Empire vs NT2-0
NAVI vs TSpirit1-2
Week 5 Games

StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
2.Natus Vincere5-111-4
3.AS Monaco Gambit3-38-7
4.Team Spirit3-39-8
6.Team Unique2-45-9
7.Team Empire2-56-11
8.No Techies1-63-13
Overall Standings

Southeast Asia (SEA)

At the end of an action-packed series that ended in 2-1, Neon Esports lost their undefeated streak to Fnatic. TNC and T1 teams had easy wins in week five and now they are in third and fourth places with similar scores. BOOM Esports has managed to beat both Execration and Vice Esports. Vice Esports was eliminated from the upper division.

This region also has some tight standings between the teams. This makes the next week more crucial than ever.

Vice vs Fnatic0-2
TNC vs BOOM2-0
Vice vs Neon0-2
XctN vs T10-2
Fnatic vs 4962-0
Week 5 Games

StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
2.Neon Esports5-111-5
3.TNC Predator4-29-5
5.BOOM Esports4-39-8
6.496 Gaming1-55-10
8.Vice Esports1-62-13
Overall Standings

South America (SA)

Prior to this week, Beastcoast team did not lose a single game of the tournament. This makes their 2-0 lose to NoPing esports even more.

As NoPing esports closed the week with 2 victories, they are now in the same group as Thunder Predator and SG esports teams. Only one of these teams will get an invitation to the Major. Next week will be crucial in that regard. Latam Defenders fell from the upper division.

UNK vs NoPing0-2
EGB vs TP0-2
INF vs DEF2-0
NoPing vs bc2-0
UNK vs SG1-2
Week 5 Games

StandingTeam NameSeries (W-L)Rounds (W-L)
2.Thunder Predator4-28-6
3.SG e-sports4-28-6
4.NoPing e-sports4-311-8
5.Team Unknown3-48-8
8.Latam Defenders1-53-11
Overall Standings

Week 6 will be critical for all of the regions except China. There many regions with tight and shared spots. This will definitely make the next week an action packed sight. Thanks for reading our week 5 recap of DPC and come back next week for our week 6 recap.


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