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Esportimes.com X Root Partnership

As esportimes.com, we are happy to announce that our YouTube channel is finally live and we have partnered with Özgür “root” Alagül!

esportimes.com is a project started by Espor Media and Technology Inc, which was founded in 2020. The site has been actively producing esports news, interviews, reviews and other such written content for over a year. Now, we are happy to announce that we will begin producing video format content starting with our partnership with prominent Turkish esports personality Özgür “root” Alagül.

With interest in video games and esports increasing exponentially in recent years, we are continuing to fill the gap in the sector. Our vision is to convey the news to our readers in an accurate, impartial and independent manner. Now, we are very excited to produce weekly video content with Özgür “root” Alagül, who shares a common vision with us!

We are very happy to support such endeavors, and we will continue contributing to the gaming and esports industry globally and locally in Turkey. You can follow us by subscribing to youtube.com/esportimes!

Who is Özgür “root” Alagül?

Özgür “root” Alagül first got into the gaming world with Half-Life and Counter Strike. He played as a professional Counter Strike player for over a decade and has more than 100 local and international games under his belt. In 2010 he retired from being a pro player to further his software development career.

He returned to esports in 2015 as an esports caster and analyst. In February 2021 he officially transitioned into esports full time, dedicating all of his energy and time to it.

What does Root do in esports?

  • Esports tournament casting
  • Content creation
  • Reviews
  • Game & Product Development
  • Tournament coordination
  • Coaching & Analyst work

You can fallow Root’s social media accounts down below:

  • https://twitter.com/rootthegamer
  • https://www.instagram.com/rootthegamer/
  • https://www.twitch.tv/rootthegamer/
  • https://www.youtube.com/c/RootTheGamer
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/ozgur-alagul/


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