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Etiget Esports Becomes The Champion of PUBG Invitational Fall Cup!

PUBG Invitational Fall Cup, which was announced on 29 November by PUBG Turkey has ended. Etiget Esports becomes the champion of the event with 59 points, in which 16 teams had competed. From the prize pool of 20.000 TL, Etiget Esports won a 9.000 TL monetary prize.

In Invitational Fall Cup, in which 16 Turkish teams participated, the fastPay Wildcats player Berat “shecreated” Yağcı got the most kills with 14 kills. Also, Etiget Esports player Emir “Hueth” Çakmak became the player that gave most damage with 2555 damage.

The general ranking of the tournament and the prizes:

1Etiget Esports 9.000 TL203959
2Digital Athletics 4.500 TL263157
3fastPay Wildcats 2.500 TL132942
4Kütahya Esports 1.500 TL122537
5NO OTHER WAY 750 TL142337
61907 Fenerbahçe 750 TL91928
7Mod-Z eSports 500 TL121527
8NotBad 500 TL111526
9Çamlıca Espor81725
10Not Yet81725
11No Excuses91423
12Xbase Esports51318
13836.Pizza Locale8816
14Karagümrük Espor21214
15Blaze Esports01313
16Gamers of Future369
R.P: Ranking Point, K.P: Kill Point, T.P: Total Point

The day’s 5 competitons winners are in order; Etiget Esports, Digital Athletics, fastPay Wildcats, Etiget Esports and NotBad.

Finishing PCS3 Europe Grand Finals in the third place, Digital Athletics became #2 with 57 points and fastPay Wildcats became #3 with 42 points. Also, Kütahya Esports, who announced its PUBG roster in the previous days, finished its first tournament in 4th place.

Eylül Su Başıbüyük
Eylül Su Başıbüyük
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