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FaZe Clan Loses More Than $300,000 per Month!

FaZe Clan member Nordan “Rain” Shat revealed organization’s spendings on its esport teams and claimed that FaZe loses $318,000 a month on its VALORANT team alone.

He said that FaZe‘s creators and talent weren’t being paid enough in comparison to what they contributed to the organization’s identity in a video that was released on May 24. He also highlighted how much money the esports teams were losing.

According to Rain‘s calculations, FaZe loses $94,000 with the female VALORANT team and $224,000 with the male team per month. He asserts that the company loses $756,000 on esports per month overall, with VALORANT accounting for approximately half of that outlay.

Only PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty are profitable, according to data given in the video, even though Atlanta FaZe is a collaboration between the organization and Atlanta Esports Ventures and not completely controlled by FaZe. With a monthly cost of $37,000, PUBG Mobile earns $87,000, which is more than most other teams.

PUBG, Halo Infinite, and CS:GO collectively cost FaZe over $70,000 every month. In the video, Rain shouted:

We are negative $756,000 a month on esports. And they made that guy President. It’s so crazy, the way they have manipulated and lied for so long, and a lot of us just kinda went with this because we love FaZe so much.

FaZe Rain

Rain refers to Erik Anderson, who was promoted from Head of Esports to President a day before FaZe conducted mass layoffs, releasing 40 percent of its staff months after other layoffs. The company spent a lot of money on esports and NICKMERCS while ignoring many talented individuals, and Rain has criticized the organization’s financial choices. And he said more regarding NICKMERCS’ yearly salary of $1M:

If everyone else was treated fairly, sure. But it’s so insane to think that someone as impactful as Rug, Alex, Teeqo, people that have been such a big part of FaZe’s identity get nothing.

FaZe Rain

The organization hasn’t yet responded to the criticism it received about NICKMERCS‘ salary and the subsequent layoffs.

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