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FIFA 22 Closed Beta Process Gets Cancelled!

The closed beta of the last game in Electronic Arts‘ most successful FIFA series cancelled for some major reason. The most important of these reasons is the leaks about the game. Electronic Arts said we should wait until July 17 for FIFA 22. Electronic Arts was preparing to open a closed beta for FIFA 22 to game-testers. But they have cancelled the game’s closed beta due to many in-game images and videos.

While we expected that EA’s first major reveal of the game would come at the upcoming EA Play Live set for July 2021, these given details have noted a lot of changes coming this year. Currently, the closed beta for FIFA 22 is completely closed.


These leaks, which occurred on June 23rd, showed us players, many significant changes that will come into play. With these leaks, we can understand that there will be important changes in terms of FUT Champs. In addition to these leaks, the game menu, gameplay, and many other screenshots and videos about the FIFA 22 have also appeared. This seems to have bothered Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts notified the players who will try the entire game by e-mail that the closed beta is cancelled.


Real Ringleader is KingLangpard

Much of these leaks were from KingLangpard on Twitter. KingLangpard has been a creator for FIFA for years. His tweets about FIFA 22 contain almost all the new information that will come to play. Game testers initially thought the game was made up of errors or server problems. But that’s not the case. The problem is that leaks, videos, and screenshots are shared on social media. For example, a Twitter user named FUTZone posted the new FIFA 22 logo on June 23rd.


What Will Happen to Closed Beta of FIFA 22

According to the information obtained at this time, the closed beta for Electronic Arts FIFA 22 is inaccessible. Electronic Arts have previously explained how Game Testers can enter closed beta. But right now, this method doesn’t work.

With this move, Electronic Arts wanted to prevent the spread of more information about the game and made the right decision. However, innocent Game Testers were influenced by this move and everyone’s right to a closed beta was revoked. The only way to find out how the closed beta works is to sit and wait. That’s all we can do for now. As EA releases new information about the game, the game’s closed beta process will change.

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