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First Strike Open Qualifier #2 Final: BBL vs. Sangal

The excitement continues with the 2nd Open Qualifier Finals in First Strike, the first big VALORANT tournament organized by Riot Games. Semifinal matches were played in the Winners Group in the First Strike 2nd Open Qualifiers tournament. As a result of competitive matches, BBL Esports and Sangal Esports were determined as the two teams that will appear in the final.

It was announced that there will be 4 eliminations to determine 8 teams to compete in the First Strike tournament with a total prize of $ 400,000. The top two teams in each qualifier would go to the main tournament. From the first of these qualifiers, Oxygen Esports and Futbolist teams qualified for the main tournament.

Oxygen Esports Is In First Strike Finals!

Futbolist Is In The First Strike Finals!

Let’s share the excitement of today’s games as we approach the end of the second of First Strike. Today’s matches in the First Strike 2nd Open Qualifiers, which will end tomorrow, were between Sangal Esports vs. fastPay Wildcats and BBL Esports vs. TRAMPET.

BBL Esports vs. TRAMPET

In the First Strike 2nd Open Qualifiers, the first semi-final series in the Winners Group was played between BBL Esports and TRAMPET. The popular team was BBL Esports from their previous matches. It was an expected win and the BBL Esports team put their name on the winners’ group by beating TRAMPET by 2-0.

Our team reached the finals by getting a win of 2-0 against Trampet in the semi-finals of the Valorant First Strike Turkey Tournament in the BO3 series! The final match will be on http://twitch.tv/riotgamesturkish on November 10 at 17:00!

Sangal Esports vs. fastPay Wildcats

The other Winners Group of the semi-final series in First Strike Open Qualifier #2 was played between Sangal Esports and fastPay Wildcats. In this match, there was a favorite team in the semi-finals as before, and they managed to reach the final by winning the same way. To sum up, Sangal Esports managed to beat its opponent by 2-0 and became the opponent of BBL Esports in the final.

First Strike Open 2nd Open winners group semi-final @IWcats
We got our name in the finals by winning 2-0 against his team. See you tomorrow at the Grand Final.

As a result, we wish success and congratulations to both finalists. The big game in the First Strike Open Qualifier #2 will be played tomorrow. The series that pits BBL Esports against Sangal Esports will be played tomorrow.

  • November 10 | 17.00 | BBL Esports – Sangal Esports | Bo3

BBL Esports and Sangal Esports met in the First Strike 1st Open Qualifiers. In round 32, in the bo1 format, BBL Esports won 13-9. The two qualifiers will meet for the second time and the only difference is that the series is Bo3. We will see how the series of 3 matches will affect the overall result.

The team that wins the final will qualify for First Strike’s main tournament, and the loser will drop into a subgroup and try their luck there.

Watch the finale live on RiotGamesTurkish Twitch channel starting tomorrow (November 10) at 17:00. Good luck to both teams!

You can click here for more news about this highly competitive tournament.

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