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Free Fire OB29 Update: Release Date, New Features

We expect the Garena Free Fire OB29 update to be released on August 4, 2021. Free Fire players should install about 700 MB of updates for the game. Players will be able to download the patch with its new features from the Google Play Store and AppStore. It usually takes six hours to apply before the patch comes off. Therefore, players will not play Free Fire before OB29 is released.

Three mystery characters will be released along with a new pet AC80 Sniper Rifle.

Free Fire OB29 Update: Mystery Character and Other Features

With the latest patch, street dancer and musician character D-BEE is now available. The latest patch will bring three mysterious characters. Apparently, one of them is called Thiva, which is based on new assets and leaks in Advance Server. Thiva comes with an Active skill called ‘Healing Heartbeat’. Thiva provides allies to recover HP per second by creating a 5 meter healing zone.

After Elite Kelly, Elite Hayato and Elite Andrew, Free Fire brings the Elite version of Moco as one of the three mysterious characters. The name of the third character is not yet known. This character comes with a passive skill called ‘Vital Vibes‘ that reduces the time you spend to revive someone by a certain percentage.

The OB29 update also adds the Ninja Tiger, which gives you a buff to deal additional damage to enemies in motion. Players who want to Ninja Tiger will be able to buy it for 100 diamonds.

The ones that came out with the update are not just that. There will also be a new sniper rifle called the AC80. This rifle can fire two shots at the same time. Also, it inflicts additional damage to opponents, and is designed for medium-long range battles.

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