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Galakticos & Anatolia Esports Are Doing A Merger

Turkish esport organizations Galakticos and Anatolia Esports announced that they would be doing be doing a merger.

Anatolia Esports has a decent VALORANT team. While Galakticos also had one, it did not do so well. Galakticos disbanded their VALORANT roster, after their unsuccessful performance during the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Turkey Stage 1 Challengers 3.

Galakticos shared a post where they stated that Anatolia Esports will continue to work under their own structure with its current management, players and structure.

With this merger, both organizations are keen to expand their teams to other titles. Even with their combined power, they only have a single VALORANT team, 2 League of Legend teams, and 4 live-streamers.


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