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Galakticos Incorporates Orgless!

Orgless, one of the rising teams of the PUBG esports scene, has been incorporated into an organization. Thus, Galakticos became the new home of Orgless players. Individually the team has been successful at all recent local and global events.

The team, which has achieved success both on the local and global stage, has been on a great and rapid rise recently. On this journey, they achieved many successes, including championships.

Orgless reached ESL PUBG Masters by winning dozens of matches in the open qualifiers. This caught peoples attention. They finished the first week as 8th squad on the final stage. However, due to a problem within the organization in the second week, only 3 members could attend the matches and they finished the race in 14th spot.

Orgless also achieved success in local and regional events. The first of these was Bitexen TESFED PUBG Turkey Cup championship. Then, they became champions in PUBG ARKO Men PROTALITY Season 2. In this way, they also obtained a Wildcard spot for the PCS5 MEA Regional Qualifiers.

In the regional qualifiers, they became the third team to qualify for the next round after SuperMassive Blaze and Gear Up. With this success, they became one of the 5 Turkish teams of European region. With the success there, they were readying themselves for the PUBG Global Championship (PGC), the biggest PUBG tournament.

When we put this rapid rise and success story on top of each other, it starts to be apparent why Orgless gathered such a buzz in a short amount of time. Ultimately, the Galakticos organization decided to incorporate the Orgless team.

Former Orgless and current Galakticos PUBG roster is as follows:

  • Onur “onur” Özdemir (Coach)
  • Anıl “Thenderlost” Arslan
  • Tugay “Quetpa” Demirel
  • Yiğit Can “xLyron” Polat
  • Meriç Can “LaxLering” Özçil
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