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Guild Esports & Bitstamp Partner for ‘Cryptoverse’

To mark the launch of Guild’s largest-ever partnership, some of Guild’s pro players and content creators have been brought to life in their very own comic book superhero film with an important message: to help gamers and esports fans play smart in this new universe and avoid evil crypto forces.

With graphics created by British-Nigerian visual artist Siku, the superhero film has been launched today to celebrate the partnership. The film will be followed up by a number of activations, all educating gamers on the importance of safe navigation of crypto and blockchain. The characters ensure the fabric of “blockchain cryptoverse” remains intact.

Running from Wednesday 9th to Friday, 18th March, several different content pieces will be premiered across Guild’s Social media channels including the launch video, a character reveal and character Q&A.

The graphic novel features some of Guild’s biggest content creators and players who have their very own super powers.

  • Nihachu, with over 8.2 million followers, Niki’s special ability is that she’s an empath who understands the differences between all of the phrases and characters in the crypto worlds.
  • Thomas ‘TN25’ Ngegba, a Fifa streamer whose ability is when his football hits something that the ball determines is a threat, it banishes that threat to the cryptoverse.
  • Harrie, Master crafter and amazing with tech, she knows her way around PCs, and Bitstamp enhanced that skill inside the cryptoverse. She can rig up amazing machines that can help the group utilise and make use of all the different elements in the Cryptoverse.
  • Mertzy, a light hearted freestyler. In Rocket League his impressive tricks gained him respect and In the Cryptoverse his Rocket League car has manifested life size which allows him to ride across the various webs and traverse wormholes in the Cryptoverse with ease.
  • Julia Bayonetta is a French-language variety streamer and artist with a Bitstamp special ability allowing her creations to come to life when in the blockchain world.
  • Snowmixy, one of the most well-known World of Warcraft creators in the world, who in the comic book world has Diamond Hand blasters powered by crypto energy.

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Joining the content creators are some of Guild’s championship-winning professional players, including:

  • Matafe, Apex Legends professional and superstar streamer, who has adaptive armour, emitting from his red headband, which is used for enhanced strength, allowing him to make the dimensional space secure from the Scam-Bots.
  • Cinnamon, Guild X player with Diamond Hands that has the ability to store the essence of the Cryptoverse and then blast it out of her hands as powerful energy bolts. The longer she stores this energy the more powerful she becomes.
  • Noly, Guild pro player, is mechanically gifted in Rocket League, and when he entered the Cryptoverse his car manifested physically, allowing him to traverse the blockchain and make his way through the different nodes on the blockchain.
  • Koldamenta, Guild’s newest Valorant player, possesses foresight into what cryptocurrencies will be the most valuable.
  • And, Anas – Fortnite champion who has built his way to success. Now in the Cryptoverse he makes unique constructs to help the team in their goals.

“The rapidly-changing world of crypto and blockchain can feel overwhelming to people new to the space, and we’re excited to release this graphic novel with an important message to help people interested in that world avoid scams. We’re incredibly proud of the talented creative team we have at Guild and can’t wait to tell Bitstamp’s story to Guild fans around the world alongside this important message.”

Michelle Tierney, Chief Commercial Officer at Guild

Announced in January 2022, Guild welcomed Bitstamp, one of the world’s longest-running crypto exchanges, with the signing of a three-year global sponsorship deal for £4.5 million, joining Subway, HyperX and Samsung Odyssey as multi-year partners.

“We are very thrilled to partner with Guild and Siku as visual artist to create a graphic novel of the world of crypto and to excite people who are new to it.  We also aim to ensure that everyone has the needed insights and guidance to trade Crypto safely and securely which is our absolute priority at Bitstamp.”

Barbara Daliri, Chief of Growth at Bitstamp


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