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HaZe Clan Team Splits! Former Members Are Looking For New Teams

One of the Valorant First Strike Turkey’s competitors, HaZe Clan announced that they decided to split up. Team’s founder Gökay “tecoNe” Noğayer tweeted the news for his followers.

We are eliminated from the tournament as HaZe Clan, and our journey ends here. I wish good luck to my brothers. I hope I did contribute to their careers, more or less. GG WP <3

haze clan

The high-skilled player didn’t post an announcement about his future. But his former teammates, Burak “Burzzy” Özveren and Cem “Yato” Saat announced that they are currently looking for teams.


We are eliminated from First Strike, just as expected. Still, we managed to pass the eliminations as a mixed squad, and I want to congratulate my squadmates for that. GG WP

I want to remind you that HaZe Clan was not a team. And I’m still open to future offers. I play Sova, Killjoy and Cypher.

Cem “Yato” Saat

Former Players of HaZe Clan

  • Gökay “tecoNe” Noğayer
  • Cem “Yato” Saat
  • İsa “isa” Aydın
  • Burak “Burzzy” Özveren
  • Efe “standoff” Ayhan

First Strike Turkey Finals – BBL Vs Futbolist

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