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First Strike Turkey Finals – BBL vs Futbolist

The second day of the First Strike Turkey Finals has finished. On the first day of the tournament, eight quarter-finalists that qualified before, started to face their opponents. After the matches, the semi-finalists and lower bracket competitors became clear.

Today’s matches started at 13.00 (GMT+03). On the lower bracket match that the loser would be out of the game, Anatolia e-Sports and Beşiktaş Esports faced each other. Another match of the day was for the upper bracket finals. In this match, Sangal Esports faced Futbolist. Other matches of the day were “Mod-Z Esports vs. HaZe Clan” and “Oxygen Esports vs BBL Esports“.

Lower Bracket

Anatolia e-Sports vs Beşiktaş Esports

Both of these teams were unable to show themselves on the first day. But Anatolia e-Sports won the match by 2-0. The first map was Haven and Anatolia managed to win the match by 13-5. The second map was Bind. Beşiktaş tried to do their best to win the match but their efforts weren’t enough. Anatolia, again, won the match by 13-10. With that result, Beşiktaş was eliminated from the tournament.

How much did Anatolia Esports want this win? Let’s see.
Anatolia Esports left with a win from the Loser’s Group’s first match.

Mod-Z Esports vs HaZe Clan

Just like Anatolia vs Beşiktaş, the loser of the Mod-Z – HaZe match would be eliminated from the tournament too. Mod-Z played much better than HaZe and won the first and second matches by 13-5 and 13-6 respectively.

Upper Bracket

Sangal Esports vs Futbolist

The very first match of the second day’s upper bracket match was between Sangal Esports and Futbolist. Both of those teams qualified for the semi-finals easily. And the winner of that match was going to be the first finalist of the upper bracket.

The first map was Bind and it was quite exciting. The normal period of the match ended by 12-12. During the overtime, Sangal won the match by winning two rounds.

The second map was Ascent and Futbolist sort of dominated the early game. At the end of the first half, Sangal started to bouncing back, and they won four rounds. But Futbolist, still, was dominating at the remaining of the game, and they managed to win the second match by 13-7.

The third match was played at Split. Both teams stayed close to each other in the first half, and the final score of the first half was 6-6. Futbolist, with Sasuke’s leadership, put their best efforts at the second half and won the match by 13-7. At the end of the match, SasuKe got 29 kills. With that results, Futbolist became the first finalist of the upper bracket.

We are in the VALORANT First Strike Winner’s Group finals
After a marvelous series, we put our name for the first finals by winning against Sangal by 2-1.

Oxygen Esports vs BBL Esports

The last match of the day was between Oxygen Esports and BBL Esports. Both teams played against themselves at the open elimination and Oxygen won that match by 2-0.

The first map of the match Icebox. Lots of fans were quite surprised to see the Icebox map. By the way, it was the first “First Strike” match to be played at Icebox. But BBL Esports was definitely not caught off guard. The first half of the match was going head-to-head, and it ended by 6-6. In the second half, Oxygen, which became the defenders that round, managed to win the match by 13-10.

The second map of the match was Bind. BBL Esports started the game as attackers and played much better than their opponents during the first minutes of the match. They won 7 consecutive rounds and the first half’s final result was 8-4. As defenders, BBL didn’t lose a round and won the match by 13-4.

The last map was Ascent. With high motivations, BBL started the game quite ahead, again. BBL won the first half by 8-4, and they once again didn’t lose a round during the second half. BBL won the match by 13-4, again, and became the second finalist of the upper bracket.

We managed to qualify for the Winner’s Group finals with a score of 2-1.
We congratulate the Oxygen Esports team for this nice game.

Today’s Schedule of First Strike Turkey Finals (GMT+03)

first strike turkey

Lower Bracket

  • 13.00 | Sangal Esports vs. Mod-Z Esports | Bo3
  • 13.00 | Anatolia e-Sports vs. Oxygen Esports | Bo3

Upper Bracket

  • 16.00 | Futbolist vs. BBL Esports | Bo3

You can watch these matches live at RiotGamesTurkish and RiotGamesTurkish2.

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