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How To Catch Fish In Valheim!

Tired of chasing deers in Valheim? Are you sick of boars gang up on you over and over again? Honestly, me too. Luckily, I figured it out how to catch fishes in Valheim. Now with this guide, you can too.

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In order to start fishing in Valheim, we first need to find Haldor The Merchant. You can find Haldor in the Black Forest. Unfortunately, Haldor‘s location changes from server to server. I highly suggest you thoroughly recon the area first. The fishing rod costs 350 and the baits cost 10 gold.

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It’s pretty easy to fish in Valheim. First, you need to equip the fishing rod, hold down the left-click, and release it. The longer you hold, the farther the bait goes. Secondly, patiently wait for the fish (Wow really?). Lastly, as soon as fish bites the bait, you have to hold down the right-click. Bear in mind, if your stamina or endurance runs out while trying to catch the damn fish, you will lose your precious food.

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Ata Camkıran
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