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Istanbul Wildcats Announces Its New VALORANT Roster!

Istanbul Wildcats announced their new VALORANT roster.

After the previous VCT qualifiers, Istanbul Wildcats announced that their roster would be changed after the ESA tournament, as the expected performance from the VALORANT team could not be achieved. The players also agreed to this and decided to play their last tournament and leave the team. 

However, this request could not be done when the ESA tournament, which was expected to start on August 2, was postponed due to some unintentional circumstances. First of all, team captain buzlumuzlusüt announced the departure from his personal account. Then, the roads were separated with TheNightChe, destructivee and demo, respectively. Wildcats, which strengthened its squad with the transfer of Iroh shortly before the news of the separation, did not part ways with Iroh. Only Iroh was present in the new roster.

The long-awaited news has arrived today. Istanbul Wildcats announced the new VALORANT roster on their social media accounts with a very well thought out video.

The trio of Surprise, EXTREME and SHNAZN, who previously played for the Wildcats but last seen in the Unknownprosgg team, are back in the this new roster. In addition to these three names, Wildcats strengthened its squad with iXeonN and KeeVz.

Istanbul Wildcats current VALORANT roster is as follows;

  • Surprise
  • Iroh
  • iXeonN
  • KeeVz
  • Jonsyp (Coach)

As the esportimes, we wish success to the Istanbul Wildcats and its newly established team in the upcoming tournaments.

Turan Erdoğan
Turan Erdoğan
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