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LCS: Mid-Season Showdown

LCS Mid-Season Showdown 2021 is officially on! The tournament started with the match between TSM who finished the spring split in second place and TL who finished the split in third place. They played the bo5 games on March 20 and Team Liquid closed out the series with the fourth game, winning 3-1. The following match was between C9 who finished the spring split at the top and 100T who finished the split in fourth place. They played on March 21. Their match-up ended quickly with a dominant win from C9. They were able to close out the series with 3-0, not giving their opponent even one game.

Here’s an official LCS video of the MSS 2021 to raise the hype!

Let’s take a look at the bracket after the first two matches;

The MSS excitement is in the air! The teams in the losers’ bracket, EG and DIG are now ready for their opponents. TSM-EG match will be held on March 27 at 11 PM (GMT +3). The 100T-DIG match will be held on March 28 at 11 PM (GMT +3). This is a double-elimination bracket, thus even though TSM and 100T lost their first games, they still have a chance to make it to the finals. LCS is a great league, so be ready to witness solo kills, huge out-plays and great team-fights. Every team give their 100% on this tournament to make it to the MSI.

After the match 3 and 4, the bracket will become easier to guess the finalists. On April 3, the winners of the first two games will encounter each other and try to be the first finalist. The following day, winners of the match 3 and 4 will face each other and the losers will have to work hard for better placements in the future, meaning they will be eliminated from the tournament.

You can watch the MSS matches live by clicking here.

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