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LOL Esports European Regional League Changes

League of Legends forms an important part of todays esports industry. Riot Games, especially, organizes international tournaments that fans are waiting for excitedly. LoL Esports, developed by Riot Games, is making a number of changes for European Regional Leagues (ERLs). LoL Esports has expanded their licensing deals with ‘almost‘ all European Regional Leagues. This will also add more stability to leagues. Additionally, they shared the big changes that will strengthen the process for future professional players.

The Changes

The most important change that we all waited was the creation of categories. All Regional Leagues will now be Accredited or Non-Accredited, although Non-Accredited ERLs can apply for accreditation if they are meet certain criteria.

Thanks to these categories, it will be clear later whether regional leagues will be held offline and face-to-face. Categories also determine whether players are added to Riot’s global contracts database. Only players from accredited leagues will be added to the database.

Riot is also introducing a number of other changes. The changes are include the merging of the Baltic and Polish leagues, as well as the Dutch and Belgian leagues. There will also be an increase in prize pools and team salaries. In addition, the broadcasting rules are changing. ERL partners now have the opportunity to co-publish their teams’ games (within Riot regulations).

Finally, Riot has promised to host an annual summit between regional leagues to ensure that the teams in the ecosystem have the opportunity to learn from each other and grow together. No exact date has been announced for the official implementation of these changes. Also, these changes are also not the final.

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