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Luana Quits From Team Galakticos

In the developing esports sector, which generally involves young people, the team changes of the gamer group can be on the agenda for various reasons. Berkant ” Luana ” Kayhan, who has been selected as the best top laner in the Vodafone Freezone Championship League 2020 summer season recently, has been with the Galakticos team for a long time. The Vodafone Freezone Championship League is the highest level of esports league in Turkey. This is how we understand what a successful top laner Luana is. Luana who is a 19 years old semi-professional gamer, announced that he quits from the Galakticos. Both sides made good wishes to each other on Twitter.

In the new season, we decided to part our ways with Berkant “Luana” Kayhan, our valuable player.
Thank you for everything you have contributed to our family over a long period of time. May success in your career, power be with you!
Note: Our tea stocks are active again.

The Galakticos team, which consists of players from various countries, has existed since 2016. The Galakticos team, along with Luana, finished second in the season semi-finals by losing to Papara SuperMassive. Despite their loss, Luana managed to become the best top laner of the summer season. After all the adventures with Galakticos, Luana quits from the team.

After The Galakticos Team

Luana, who is known in the esports industry since March 2019, has not decided yet which team he will play with after leaving Galakticos. But Luana is known to evaluate incoming offers. Also, Luana mentioned the high motivation he has from becoming the best top laner.


In the coming days, we will learn more about both Galakticos’ new teammate and Luana’s new team. Until then a curious wait will occur for all of us.

Ecem Subaşılar
Ecem Subaşılar
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